Housekeeping In Style

Cleaning.  No one loves it...okay, almost no one.  But we all have to do it.  Here are some fun tools and festive scents to get you in the clean.

Upgrade your dish soap.  Williams Sonoma has an amazing holiday collection.  Every year I look forward to their Spiced Chestnut, but this year I also opted for Orange Spice to get me through October & November.  They also carry a Winter Forest scent, but I'm not too sure how I feel about cleaning with a pine tree. (but it smells amazing!)

dish soap $10.50  16oz
hand soap, lotion, dish soap kit $19.95

A cheaper alternative is Mrs Meyers Orange Clove which is $3.99 and can be found at Target. 
They also have a wonderful counter spray for $3.99

Those pots and pans don't get washed any faster, but it smells good while you're doing it.  Even the husband noticed!

All you need is a fun apron and gloves and you're set to go.

                                                                                Francesca's Collections $14

The chore I most hate is laundry.  I'll do just about anything to get out of it.  But I could be persuaded with a laundry room that looks like this.

laundry carts $129-229

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