Banyan Tree - Tremont

If you haven't yet been to the Banyan Tree in Tremont, I will kindly assume that you live under a rock.  Or have just moved here.  Opened in 2001, this started as a little boutique with artful gifts & housewares.  Over the years they've expanded and started carrying a wonderful array of affordable and chic clothing for men, women and baby. 

Last week this was included in a little mid-week shopping trip that Jen, Kristen & I took.  We hit Lilly's, Geode Gallery and Wine & Design.

They always have fantastic window displays and they were busy putting out the holiday decorations.  You can see an array of the newest holiday treasures on their facebook page.  But, seriously, how cute is this outfit in the window?  I'll take it all.

On one side they have women's clothing, accessories and jewelry.  This is where the infamous CLE necklace came from.  This summer I stalked it and had to wait for it to come back in stock.  Finally it did and the Husband was kind enough to buy it for me.

There are so many local artisans and talent here and they are showcased beautifully.

They launched their own line of clothing and jewelry, Figwood, this summer.  The clothes are fashionable, flowy, cozy and yet still have an urban edge to them.  And check out the amazing jewelry!!  We are so lucky to have such a wonderfully made line based right here in the CLE.

There's something here for everyone in every price range. Walk to the other side and it's filled with a small but top-notch men's collection. There's usually only 1 or 2 of each size, so if you see something, pick it up or it will be gone when you come back!  On this side they have home goods, baby clothes and gifts.

As if I can't make it a week without stopping in here, Cleveland's a Plum is having a shopping event tonight (11/17) from 6-9PM.  There will be drinks, apps and discount coupons from 10-40% off!!!!  Check out all the details here.

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Christina said...

I love me some Banyan Tree! I visited them last when they launched the Figwood line. The other lines are all so nice too.

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