So You Say You Have Leftovers...

Everyone eats the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.  But what to do with all those cranberries? Apples? Pumpkin and sweet potatoes?  If you've had too much to eat, sit back and relax.  Give yourself a wonderful organic mask and enjoy a cocktail.  You deserve it.

Cranberry Old-Fashioned

8 fresh (or frozen) cranberries
2t sugar
2 dashes angostura bitters
1 strip orange zest
2 oz bourbon

Muddle cranberries, sugar, bitters, orange zest with 2T water in a glass until sugar dissolves.  Add bourbon and ice cubes.  (Also works with cranberry sauce)

for the other cocktails shown, click on link via Martha Stewart

Cranberry Simple Syrup

8 oz fresh or frozen cranberries (or sauce)
1c sugar
1c water

Bring all ingredients to simmer over med heat.  Reduce heat to low and cook until berries are soft but not burst. (about 10 mins)  Cool, then strain through mesh sieve.  Discard cranberries. 
This is also wonderful by using half sugar and half honey as well.
Add to any cocktail, white wine, or just sparkling water for a holiday treat.

The next few absolutely wonderful ideas & recipes are courtesy of Brooke aka The Brow Pixie @ Browtopia.  I can say from experience that these remedies are remarkable!  If you try any of them please leave her a note on her facebook page and let her know what you think.

Click on the highlighted link for recipe:

Cranberry Facial - if your skin is dry and cranky from the cold  and forced-air heat, try this and you'll feel refreshed and sparkly

Cranberry Lipgloss - sounds hard, but super easy to make!  Put in small jars for yourself or a friend.

The Great Pumpkin Facial Mask - don't even get me started.  Oh how I LOVE this! For me, this is the end all, be all for cranky, irritated, tried-to-many-products-and-my-skin-hates-me-moments. 

Apple Mask - fight flakes and dead skin cells with this comforting concoction.

Cranberry Oatmeal Sugar Scrub - better than anything you'll ever buy at Sephora.  Use for face and body.

Go to the Browtopia FB page for more wonderful tricks and treats including awesome sweet potato remedies, her all-in-one cranberry facial, eye treatment & toner and the very festive vanilla cranberry orange body scrub!

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