Wines Of The Week & Christmas Dinner

Christmas is this week and where did the time go?  I swear it was just Halloween and I was thrilled to finally be able to put on my holiday music.  Instead of visions of sugarplums, presents, wrapping and Christmas cards, all I can think about is food.  And drink. 
I'm not a person of New Year's resolutions, but I certainly adapt the 'let's get organized, eat better and get back to the gym' thought process.  A new year feels like a new beginning.  And by that time I'm tired of all the heavy soups, stews, pastas and roasts that I spend all summer craving.  But it's not quite that time yet so I'm currently fantasizing about all that holiday food has to offer. 

This weeks wine picks are courtesy of Greg and Dan in Tremont and are perfect pairs to your holiday menu.

Baumard Cremant Brut (Loire) - a sparkling wine that's fresh and crisp.  not sweet and perfect to start off the evening. $19.99
RouteStock Pinot Noir (Willamette) - this just smells like Christmas.  hints of cranberry, warm spices and baked cherry pie. $19.99
Klinker Brick Zinfandel (Lodi) - beautiful, deep color.   velvety with a slight clove and ripe berry flavor.  the husband couldn't believe it was a zin.  $17.99
RouteStock Cabernet (Napa) - wonderful tannins and a long subtly smoky finish. $19.99
Chateau Roumieu Lacoste Sauternes (Sauternes) - this dessert wine can truly take the place of dessert.  a little goes a long way.  it's sweet and decadent with hints of vanilla and apricot, your guests wont even realize you didn't serve dessert.  pair with berries for the perfect end of evening treat. $21.99

All can be found at Wine & Design or your favorite local wine retailer.

This year my husband and a friend bought and split a lamb, so leg of lamb is on the Christmas menu, as well as caramelized onion pappardelle, brussels sprouts and squash.

Leg of Lamb recipe via Esquire
Pappardelle with Caramelized Onions via Martha Stewart
Bacon Shallot Brussels Sprouts via Australian Food

Dumpling Squash w/ Cream & Sage via Martha Stewart
'Tis the season to indulge! (at least a little, anyway)  What are you craving for Christmas?


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

you're so gourmet! well done :)

Modern Musings said...

thanks! everything's quite simple to make. the requirement being you have to be able to cook while drinking :)

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