Cuff Me, Please

Chanel Spring 2011
The Spring runway shows were all glammed up in hot hues, bare naturals and soothing florals.  Adding all these looks to your closet can sure be costly.  Thankfully there was one big accessory trend going on.  Cuffs.  Easy to work in and around your wardrobe, be it casual or dressy.  Usually I'd mind being cuffed, but not in these!

Chanel Spring 2011

Celine Resort 2011

Derek Lam Spring 2011

Fendi $280

Tory Burch $45

Forever 21 $8.80

Macaroon Pyramid $77

House of Harlow $200

Louis Vuitton $360

Nordstrom $32

Burberry $450
Kenneth Cole $47

Topshop $28

H&M $12.90
 So whether you double up, match on each arm (like Celine), rock a single (like Derek Lam) or embellish it (like Chanel), just make sure those wrists aren't bare.


Christina said...

I loved Derek Lam and I love the picture you chose. It perfectly illustrates the cuff look and how it should be used. It shows that it can stand alone as a piece of statement jewelry.

Anonymous said...

The Nordstrom and H&M cuffs will be mine. Oh yes, they will.

Dina's Days said...

Good eye for noticing that! I have so many cheap cuffs from places like F21 and H&M and I never wear them for some reason. I guess I need to pull them out this spring!

Sue The Caring Foodie said...

I just bought my first cuff bracelet on sale at Banyan Tree in Tremont for the bargain basement price of $10! Love it.