Origins Starting Over & VitaZing Review

I've been a big supporter of Origins for quite some time now.  But it can be a little hit or miss.  Sometimes soothing and all natural just aren't enough when it comes to anti-aging.  But these 2 products are huge hits in my book.

I don't ask for much in a moisturizer.
1 - must not break me out (blemishes or hives)
2 - must feel soothing not stingy or tacky
3 - must actually moisturize without feeling greasy

I don't think this is asking a lot, but it amazes me how many products just can't do this.  So when I find 2 new ones, it's noteworthy.

The first is Starting Over.  A lightly whipped mousse-gel-cream confection available in a regular and oil-free formula. It has a light citrus scent with Mimosa (to speed recovery and stimulate collagen), Argan Leaf (to protect skin from destructive enzymes), Green Algae (to boost collagen production) and Chestnut Extract (to smooth skin's texture).   It smells divine.  The oil-free formula, which I use in the summer, glides on weightlessly, melting into skin.  I use the original formula in the winter and it takes a minute to really sink in, then it feels like you have nothing on.  Not sure if I've seen a 'significant reduction in lines and wrinkles', but they are slightly blurred and you'll see a plumped up radiance after about 2 weeks.  Who doesn't love a little collagen boost!  It also improves skin texture after the first use and my pores are minimized and smooth.
1.7 oz $45

With the tag line 'Tired of looking tired?' and the promise of energized, more radiant looking skin, I was beginning to wonder why this didn't come in a body-sized tub.  Can I just please smooth this all over my body and feel more energized while looking positively radiant?  And what the heck is a mangosteen, anyway?  I think I ate one in a yogurt somewhere....

But VitaZing SPF15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer is a sneaky little product.  Nowhere on their website does it really say what it does.  If I had magic in a tube for sale I'd be telling everybody.  Origins isn't doing this and I can't figure out why.  Maybe they want you to figure it out and be amazed for yourself.

This is a thicker cream formula packed into a tube.  A little goes a long way and it's imperative to remember this when applying.  It comes out very white (like zinc oxide) with teeny tiny spheres.  These are tint spheres that when you rub them into your skin. turn into the most perfect glow in your most perfect shade.  It's true! We tested this at the Origins store with my girlfriend, myself and the saleswoman.  It was amazing to see the same tube passed and a completely different sheen on each one of us.  But this isn't makeup.  This is skincare.  Skincare that lets me leave the house without any makeup on at all.

It is the first moisturizer with SPF that doesn't sting my skin.  It's formulated with antioxidant rich Mangosteen, Cordyceps Mushrooms (for vitality), Panax Ginseng (for stimulation), Chestnut Seed Extract (to eliminate dead surface cells), Barley and Wheat Germ (form a skin barrier) and Vitamins C and E (that protect against environmental aging).

VitaZing imparts a lit-from-within glow that comes through even if you put makeup over top. You will catch yourself staring in the mirror thinking "is this my skin?"
1.7oz $35


Christina said...

I have a hard time purchasing expensive beauty products as evidenced by my last post. I am a hard sell. But if you could guess, how long do you think these products would last. A lot of times I try to figure that out and then decide if it is worth the money. Because if I had to replace something like this monthly, it just wouldn't be a realistic purchase for me, but every three months, maybe.

Modern Musings said...

I totally understand. I'm such a fanatic about researching products before buying since I'm scared of what they'll do to my skin. I'd say Starting Over lasts me 4-5 months, using it at night. VitaZing will probably last around 3 months, using it every morning.

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