Perfect Sunday

perfectly adorable mugs from Kate Spade
What is it about the Sunday New York Times that makes me swoon?  Sunday Styles?  Travel?  Book Review?  Maybe it's the Magazine, I do have a slight crush on Randy Cohen (The Ethicist).  It sure isn't the $6 price tag.

I remember a couple years ago my girlfriend, Jen, and I were in South Beach.  We walked into Starbucks and found a discarded Times sitting on the counter by the window.  Not a section, but the entire Sunday edition!  We looked at each other, then around, then pounced. (I think it was only $5 back then).  You would have thought we just won a free year of coffee.  That's how stoked we were.  We spent a beautiful Sunday morning in Miami perched at the window counter with our coffees and paper.  I don't know how we got any reading done because every other minute we were showing the other some article that she must read now.

Today I brought her lunch from Johnny Mango and she brought me the Sunday Times.  I love a good trade!  I got home, kicked off the snow boots, brewed a pot of french press and began enjoying the perfect Sunday.  This could only be more perfect if I never had to leave the house today.

thermal french press from Starbucks makes the best coffee!

The Golden Globes are tonight and I'm so excited.  It's the perfect party to start awards season.  With both movie and television stars, it's truly the best of both worlds.  There are so many people I'm looking forward to seeing!  I can't wait to see the cast from Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.  I still can't get over that True Blood has been snubbed, but oh well, there will be enough fashion to go around.  And speaking of round, how will everyone be covering those baby bumps?  They are sure to be draped to their finest.

Will stylists be going old-Hollywood glamour?  Lollipop confections of color?  Feathered and sparkled?  Muted and understated?  Wait and see.  This is the one party that always looks like everyone is having a good time.  The food and drinks are flowing and the actors seem to truly be enjoying themselves during the show - unlike the Oscars where everyone's restrained until the after party.

So tune in tonight to check out out the fab (and not so fab) fashion, hair and makeup and we'll chat tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the times!! What a darling post!

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