Wines Of The Week & Dinner In 10 Minutes

This week's wines are light, yet warming.  And under $16!

Cesari Duetorri Pinot - Soft tannins, smooth and velvety $15.99
Hey Mambo (Red) - Exciting and fun blend of Syrah, Barbera, Zinfandel, Petit Sirah and Alicante Bouchet $12.99
The Immortal Zin - Well balanced with ripe fruit flavor $13.99

Wine picks courtesy of Greg and Dan over at Wine and Design.  Stop by this Saturday for their CABin Fever tasting 5-8PM $15

Ever wonder how your parents did it?  When my mother was my age, she had a 14 and an 8 year old.  Worked a full time job and managed to get dinner on the table while getting our homework done, cleaning up and getting us to bed.  I have a husband and 2 cats.  Sometimes this proves to be way too much.

I love food.  Love to read about it, dream about it, eat and cook it.  I can spend hours pouring through recipes and loitering the aisles in Heinens and the West Side Market.  But on those days when we both get home from work, are completely exhausted and don't want take out, someone's gotta get dinner on the table.  This meal is perfect.  It's yummy and, most importantly, ready in 10 minutes.  So put your spouse in charge of opening the wine and finding something on the DVR to watch, and you're good to go.

This package of turkey meatballs contains 6 gigantic meatballs with a slight amount of marinara.  You just need to tweak it a little to make it wonderful.

-Prepare 8oz spaghetti according to package (about 8 mins)
-While water boils, microwave turkey balls for 3 mins
-Drain pasta, reserving 1T pasta water.  Return both reserved water and pasta to pot
-Add turkey balls and sauce to pot
-Drizzle with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, mix lightly, coating pasta with sauce
-Transfer to bowls, top with fresh parmesan, black pepper and chopped parsley or arugula.

This will make 3 large portions (3 meatballs each) or 2 medium portions (2 meatballs each)
Dinner is done in 10 minutes, with only 1 pot to clean.  


Christina said...

Yeah, I am looking for something easy too. It seems that Trader Joe's has a lot of good affordable options! I really like the one in Crocker Park.

Sue The Caring Foodie said...

Trader Joe's is also wonderful for WINE! I have found some really great wines there lately for under 10. Their Coastal varieties are great!

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