Gym Inspiration & Random Awards

When I think of the Grammy Awards, I think of outrageous fashion, wacky rocker-chic and mind-blowing performances.  This year had all of that but all I could think about was how I need to get to the gym. 

I'm a wishy-washy gym goer.  I don't like to go between December and March, cause I'm still comforting myself with food :)  But as a friend recently reminded me (thanks Krys!) I also am a baby when it's super crazy August hot out.  The thought of sweating at the gym then nearly suffocating from the heat when I get out is just too much for me.

After Sunday night's show I'm determined to get one of these hot bodies.

Jennifer Lopez via

Gwyneth Paltrow via

Gwyneth Paltrow via
Lady Gaga (those abs!) via
Lea Michele via
Eva Longoria via
So between hitting the gym and my recent purchase of  The Biggest Loser Challenge for the Wii, I should be in top shape soon!

Here are my random awards Grammy Edition:

Best Interpretation of a Victoria's Secret Angel

Katy Perry via
Best Reinvention of the Michelin Man look

Rihanna via
Best Creepy Black Widow Spider Lashes

Christina Aguilera via
Best Showing of your Babymaker

Heidi Klum via
Best Furrrocious Revival of Cats

Nicki Minaj via
Best There's Something About Mary Hair

Patrick Monahan via


Christina said...

Haha I love your Best categories! So fitting for all of them. I think the thing that has motivated me to go to the gym the most is A. Training for small races like 5ks (because I am a baby) and B. All the high heels I plan to wear this spring and summer!

Modern Musings said...

good thoughts! I think a deadline is an amazing motivator, glad to know I'm not the only baby :)

Dina's Days said...

I love your Best categories too! I totally understand about not wanting to go to the gym in the winter and then in the summer it's even worse. How is it even possible to have abs like Lady Gaga's. That's just insane. Man, if I had a body like hers I would wear the hottest dresses ever, not some damn meat mess of a dress.

Modern Musings said...

"not some damn meat mess of a dress" is about the funniest thing I've ever heard!

Dina's Days said...

Dear Smitten in Cleveland, I have a reader question. What's your e-mail?

Modern Musings said...

so glad you asked, as I've been trying to set up the contact me tab w/ my email....

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