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As I mentioned yesterday, the husband & I went to Blue Point Grille last night.  As we headed out into the snowy, icy night...(did I say ICE?) I started to wonder how many people this had deterred from the first night of Restaurant Week.  Would the people who lived downtown and nearby cities show, but the suburbanites stay home?  My husband's office is in Strongsville and he said the ride home from work wasn't pleasant. 

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We started off with drinks at Metro Bar + Kitchen.  I haven't been here since it was the Metropolitan.  (and always sat outside) It's gorgeous inside.  Lots of open spaces, windows and a lovely front dining area with huge, red, comfy chairs and tables.  It was especially gorgeous to sit inside and watch it snow through those huge floor to ceiling windows.  We had just missed happy hour (which ends at 6:30).  The bar menu has something for everyone, and I decided on a white pear martini and the husband had a Malbec.

I'm not a fan of alcohol being artificially flavored or sweetened.  I like my drinks the old school way - when the bar infuses the spirits themselves.  Thank you VTR & Speakeasy.  But this was pretty good.  Not overly sweet, with slight hints of pear and refreshingly clean and simple.  Score!  The only downside was that the entire place smelled of bleach.  Not just faint hints, but eyes watering, bleach.  Nothing ruins a cocktail or the ambiance like the smell of bleach.  We had a good laugh about it, were glad that we weren't eating there that night, but made a point to remember to come back and try the food at a later (bleach-free) date. 

Blue Point Grille

We walked across the street to Blue Point Grille.  We haven't been here in quite some time and I was excited to check out the menu.  Restaurant Week is a great way to get out and hit spots that you either haven't been to or keep forgetting to go back to.  We were seated, had a lovely waiter and got comfortable. ( I forgot how great their service and the knowledge of their waitstaff truly is!)  My husband enjoyed his Malbec across the street, so he ordered another one here.  Where it was $2.50 cheaper a glass.  Yes, you heard that right.  Not the other way around.  Same brand, same vintage.   I ordered a Petit Syrah.

I knew I was ordering off the RW menu and my husband was ordering off the regular menu.  Which here, is all the same, as the have the prix-fixe menu printed onto the regular menu.  I can't even tell you how long we waited or how many times our kind waiter came to check on us, as my husband could simply not make up his mind.  This has never happened.  He looks a menu over and in 5 seconds knows what he wants (and it usually involves lamb!)  But there were so many things he liked that narrowing it down was amusing to watch.  (At this point he'll probably tell you that I'm over exaggerating). 

Neither of us are oyster people, but seeing the beer battered oysters on the menu seemed like a taunt.  We ordered those and I got the Nag's Head grouper w/ lobster mashed potatoes.  This is an entree that the restaurant is featuring as an app for RW.  It was unbelievably good.  I'll be back and ordering that as an entree soon.  The grouper was light and set atop the most succulent lobster mashers.  I could eat that all night long.  The oysters were cute perched on their shells, served with a roasted red pepper salsa, cilantro and radish. We soon realized that anything beer battered tastes, well, beer battered. The salsa was pureed and had a lovely kick of horseradish.  We had a good chuckle and thought it was a good first foray into the oyster world and we were now open to trying them the traditional way.

For our entrees, I ordered the crab topped filet and he ordered the Bluenose Sea bass.  Mine came perfectly prepared with a generous lump of crab and bearnaise.  The sea bass came in a large shallow bowl filled with mussels and rock shrimp, yukon golds and a bouillabaisse broth.  The fish and mussels were wonderful, but he realized he's not so much of a bouillabaisse fan.  Not the taste, but the concept of food and broth.  He noted he'd totally order the fish again but from the 'simply prepared' part of the menu. 

As part of my menu I also got dessert and settled on the chocolate bomb.  It was everything you'd imagine, a similar concept on quite a few restaurant menus these days.  Large enough to share accompanied by a wonderful vanilla bean ice cream. 

If you aren't able to make it out this week, the RW menu is listed throughout the winter as a Winter Prix-Fixe with a price of $36.

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