Beach In A Bottle

Morning, my kitties! Today's the last day to enter my Cleveland Independents 'The Deck' giveaway. Just head over to  this post and leave a comment to enter. As always you can Facebook or email me at A winner will be randomly chosen tomorrow morning.

I woke this morning to the sound of my lovely husband scraping ice off his car. Yep the snow is back. It's also spring break time and I know nothing makes Clevelanders heading out to the beach happier than when it's freezing at home. For the rest of us, tuck in to a margarita and have yourself a little DIY beach time :)

I'm not a beach girl. I'm a fair skinned redheaded girl. The type that needs SPF 70 just to run to Target. And that's here in the CLE. I love the idea of the beach. Just, in reality, I'm more of a pool girl. So on a day like today, break out some of these products, close your eyes and have yourself a beach holiday.

At least the sun is out :)

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains $40
The finest, most luxurious grains of 'sand' you add to your favorite cleanser.
The most softening, decadent, exfoliant - ever.
mark. go with the grain $9
A great alternative to the Bobbi Brown.  Same concept
with finer grains for more sensitive skin.

Bobbi Brown beach Body Lotion $35
mystical with a light citrus, salty, ocean smell

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Moisturizer $12
intoxicating, warm, beachy scent. Melts right into skin leaving
you glowing. I buy 2 at a time in case they ever discontinue it
Alba Botanical Kukui Nut Body Oil $10
ultra relaxing and moisturizing when poured into the bath

NARS Monoi Body Glow II $59
decadent, yet lightweight

Bobbi Brown beach Body Oil $30
sultry and sexy
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Skinscent $55
warming yet fresh at the same time

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