Dante - Chef's Table

Dante in Tremont has been open for a little over a year now. It's my hands down, absolute, no question about it, favorite restaurant. Ever. That's probably why it's taken me so long to post about it. How can I possibly do it justice? I'm not a food critic, or writer for that matter. My opinions usually consist of mmmh's, oooh's, aaah's and other unwriteable sounds I make.

Roughly a month after Dante opened we dined at the chef's table. It was a spectacular array of tastes, textures and took about 4 hours. We leisurely strolled through, course upon course, all perfectly matched with wine, until we rolled out of there and then quickly into bed. That was the best night's sleep I had in a long time.

I never encountered the missteps you usually find in a new restaurant. No problems with service, food, timing, anything. It was perfection then, as it is now. After many dinners in the dining room (and one in the Vault) we were ready to go at the Chef's Table again. If it were up to my husband, that's the only place he'd be, but it books up pretty quickly especially for those prime weekend slots. So we headed back for our anniversary and decided on the 7 course tasting menu with paired wines. You can chose from 5 courses with no wine pairings all the way to 21. They call this the 21 Club and I believe it's only been done once.

our view from the Chef's Table while enjoying some
complimentary prosecco

First Course - warm leek and hearts of palm with grapefruit supremes and tender mache

Second Course - Trio of Fish - braised octopus, marinated salmon, tuna tartar

Third Course - Roasted Louisiana Redfish, curry, napa cabbage and rock shrimp

Fourth Course - roasted scallop with truffle crush, miso broth, clamneck mushrooms

Fifth Course - duck cassoulet with Dante garlic sausage

Sixth Course - mustard crusted lamb chops, brussels sprouts, roasted pear fritters

Sorbet Tasting - I forgot to write what kind down, but as you can tell, I also forgot to snap a pic before digging in

Seventh Course -

-double baked chocolate brownie, caramelized bananas, calicchia honey ice cream
-ohio apple walnut tartlet, cardamom ice cream, apple crisps
-citrus and mango napoleon, fine phyllo, mint syrup, orange curd
-chocolate peanut parfait, toffee ice cream, caramel

Last But Not Least - the infamous Dante candy cart!

Nothing makes people smile like when they see this huge dream-filled cart rolling their way!

This sublime meal was paired with handpicked wines. I apologize for not listing them, but it would have been quite cumbersome and there was no way I was pulling out my notebook during a romantic evening with the husband.


My Heart Blogged said...

Now that sounds like one amazing meal, and thanks for the review of them. I'm a bit of a foodie, and my boyfriend is a cook. My boyfriend would love to go there.
My Heart Blogged

Christina said...

Wowzer! That's a lot of food. I will have to check this out for a special occasion. The scallops look divine. And I love the candy tray. Reminds me of the milk and cookies on the menu at Fahrenheit.

Unknown said...

Gotta love Dante!! Now I really want to do the chef's table next time I go

a designer + a contractor said...

That IS a lot of food! I will definitely be visiting really soon!

CLEgal @ Why CLE? said...

Sounds amazing! I love Dante and now I really want to try the chef's table!

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