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I'm obsessed with hair. OBSESSED.
I'd be the girl on America's Next Top Model who cries and loses all her modeling mojo when makeover day arrives and Tyra shaves her head. I'm that girl. I've tried not to be. There was a time around 2002 when I decided to chop all my hair off, get it chemically straightened and added blonde highlights. It wasn't actually that bad. Save for the fact that I started the job I'm currently at around that time, had a lovely company ID picture taken that I still have to wear to this day.

I have red hair. Curly red hair. Think Nicole Kidman, Days of Thunder hair.


If you've met me and find this hard to believe, thank you. That's a huge compliment. It means my time, products and appliances have all been worth it. Let me state for the fact that my husband LOVES the crazy hair. That's why he was attracted to me in the first place, and why I can't get one of those brazilian blowout treatments. Not saying he won't let me, but a girl needs to keep a few cards in her pocket...just in case :)

All this being said (and I swear, I'm getting to a point) I've tried just about everything over the years and I'm one very hard customer to make happy. I won't go to a salon just because it's pretty or hyped. Price doesn't matter to me. Perfection does.

Ok, so I was in need of a new stylist. I had the same one for the last 10 years and had to start all over. I would only take recommendations and was not above asking complete strangers (who had wonderfully fabulous hair) who they went to.

This is how I ended up at Zen Metro Spa. Numerous beautiful people recommended this place, along with just about every employee at the Crocker Park MAC store.

Zen used to be located on Lorain Ave. Their present digs have them right on W25th, which is the perfect spot for their modern-industrial-luxe vibe.

They have a long narrow space with reception, bar and hair salon on the first floor. A full spa and massage is serviced on the lower floor. On one side of the third floor they have the color stations and mani-pedi on the opposite side of the third floor. These are both accessible from separate staircases giving a serene, private loft feeling.

So after a year of searching, I made an appt with Mindy.

Who transformed my hair from this
into this

My hair was glossy and shiny and had everyone asking if I had color done. Mindy took my vision of where I wanted my hair to be and made it a reality. She gave me a timeline for my ideas, showed me how to blow out my hair in 10 minutes and gave me a tutorial on how to curl using a flat iron. I was previously using four styling products: A serum to cut frizz. A mist to protect from heat damage. A creme to relax curl. And a finishing balm to keep it all happy. Mindy used only one to style and one to finish. I was amazed. I had to have these at once.

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream $49

Moroccanoil $45 
I was not pressured into purchasing anything. I was so amazed at these products that I had to have them.  When I inquired, I was reminded that Oribe was a luxury brand, possibly to soften the blow of the $49 price tag. No matter. For all this hair, I only use a pea-sized amount so this bottle should last forever. It's a combination leave-in conditioner that reduces frizz and leaves hair glossy, soft and smooth.

I had heard of Moroccanoil before. I now use this as a finishing serum. The absolute smallest amount on dry ends is all you need. I put my palm over the top, tip it over and back again, leaving a small round imprint of oil. This will last me quite awhile as well.

She told me to come back every 8-10 weeks. I've never been happier with my hair. I'm so blissed out that I recommend Zen to everyone. All their stylists are perfection and I haven't met anyone who isn't blown away by their work.


Suzanne said...

I have curly hair that hates Cleveland weather for all but two days of the year. I totally want to try the Oribe product.
Your hair looks FAB!!!!

My Heart Blogged said...

Your hair looks awesome. I have wavy/curly hair. I'm lucky to have an amazing stylist. I only put a little mousse in my hair, and let it air dry. I have red hair too, but I've never dyed it.

Modern Musings said...

Thanks ladies :) After it taking forever to grow those highlights out, I've been too scared to add any color to my hair! I'm hoping to get a few more years before I'm forced to recreate this color.

Dina's Days said...

You have gorgeous hair. It's so full and thick.

Blog- The New Black said...

What shampoo and conditioner do you use? I have been using Aveda Smooth Infusion by default, but am ready to explore other options to help moisturize my hair. Any recommendations? THANKS!

Unknown said...

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