Obsessing Over...

I'm an obsessive kind of girl. I find something I love and it's all over. Here's what I'm seriously losing my mind over this week.

The Airborne Toxic Event's sophomore album, All At Once, releases today. After waiting patiently a few years for this, I'm not disappointed. Totally worth the wait!

If you're not familiar with them you can check them out this evening on Leno,Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live and on 5/14 in the CLE at House of Blues.

The Beauty Department

This is a new beauty site cooked up by Lauren Conrad, her makeup artist Amy Nadine and hairstylist Kristen Ess. These ladies are doling out advice, how-to's and tutorials on how to get the latest glam looks. Think there's nothing to learn from LC? I thought so too at first. But I found myself looking forward to their pretty inspirations, posts and ideas. Learn how to perfect the beachy hair look, winged eyeliner and find the best brush for your hair type with just a few clicks.

inspirations & ideas


Trader Joe's Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins

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Perfect tart-meets-sweet authentic lemon delight! These are sneakily thin, meaning you will probably eat half a box before you realize it! These are so light and just melts on your tongue. A great pick me up on a drizzly spring day.

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Christina said...

I never knew much about airborne toxic, but I love that song Sometime around midnight. Good band!

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