Swimwear - Ruching & Ruffles

Have a few pounds of winter weight left to lose? Welcome to the club.
Can't get your mind wrapped around even the idea of putting on swimwear?
Ruching and ruffles are fashionable and can hide a heck of a lot of sin. Here are some coveted styles in just about every price range. You can still look fabulous at the beach while whittling down to your perfect summer size!

Ella Moss $145

Shoshanna $128/$82

J Crew $108
Target $34.99

J Crew $88

Kushcush $158

Kushcush $176

J Crew $46

J Crew $150

Anthropologie $68/$68

Old Navy $29.50

Anthropologie $138

Victoria's Secret $31/$28


Dina's Days said...

Dude, the thought of wearing a swimsuit right now is equivalent to the thought of running in front of a train. I need only to swim at the pool in my development because it's primarily kids and they don't know any better. However, the J Crew and Antrho ones are the some of the most beautiful swimsuits I've seen!

Modern Musings said...

Ha ha. In the last 2 weeks I've had 2, 2-day layovers in FL. This meant swimwear AND 90 degree weather! No more hiding under a sweater for me. I began thinking of ruffles to cover my backside! Needless to say, I look a bit better coming than going these days. But, oh, how I love comfort food...and wine!

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