Fresh Fork (I Love You!) - Weeks 1-3

I'm playing some serious catch up here.

This season's Fresh Fork CSA started a week late due to all the heavy rain we had this spring, and thankfully it did, or else I'd be recapping 4 weeks of delightful farm treasures!

This is my first CSA and if you haven't done it before, let me tell you, there are many different ones out there. I researched all of them before deciding on Fresh Fork. There are many reasons I went with them.

Great pickup locations, tons of recommendations, but the mix of produce, meats, dairy, cheeses, pastas and grains was what really sold me. They work with about 70 different local farms & producers to get the best, freshest, artisanal products. Subscriptions can be had for $25, $40 or $50 per week. They also have vegetarian and vegan options available.

I went with the small share for $25 per week since it's just my husband & I. Here is a recap of what we've received so far.


1 whole pasture raised chicken, 4-5 lbs 
2 lbs organic cornmeal
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch radishes with tops
1 head assorted leaf lettuce (approx .5 lbs)
2 hydroponic cucumbers
1 quart farmstead yogurt

When we arrived we were told the cucumbers were being substituted for bok choy. Pickup was seamless as they worked off iPads and iPhones. We just gave our name and picked up our bounty.
We cut the backbone out of the chicken, seasoned it with herbs and grilled it. Later that week we had pork tacos using the cilantro, radishes and bok choy as toppings. The yogurt was amazing and I ended up using this on everything from berries to meats and veggies.


1 lb Berkshire chorizo sausage
2 lbs spelt berries
1 lb whole wheat linguine
1 bunch garlic scapes
1 head assorted leaf lettuce
1 quart strawberries
2 lbs hoop house tomatoes 
1 half gallon milk 

I was thrilled to receive the scapes. I've heard of them and their cult following but never had the chance to try them. This is the part of the garlic bulb that sprouts out of the ground. It has to be removed for the bulb to form. If left uncut, they will turn papery white like garlic skin.
I took some of the sausage out of the casing and formed little meatball-like shapes that I put into pasta using the Ohio City wheat linguine, tomatoes, scapes, parmesean, bacon and cream. The remaining links were grilled and we nibbled those on the patio with drinks. The strawberries were petite (as they should be!) and bursting with flavor.


1 lb grassfed ground beef
1 qt organic strawberries
Approx 1.5 lbs slicing tomatoes
1 head leaf lettuce
1 bag (16 oz) corn chips
1 bunch green onions
1 bunch cilantro
1-2 zucchini
1 bunch field grown swiss chard
1 dz eggs 
1 bunch radishes

I'm really getting spoiled with these salad greens. Not sure how I'm going to go back to getting them at the grocer! They are beyond crisp, last forever and barely need any dressing. Just a sprinkle of olive oil, herbs and some lemon and you're good to go. I took advantage of having the chips on hand and made guacamole and salsa using the cilantro and tomatoes. Looking forward to making a quiche this week with the eggs, zucchini, green onions, gruyere and canadian bacon. The beef will be used for burgers. I'm thinking a caramelized onion, mushroom, swiss version to switch it up since we are quite addicted to Heinen's blue cheese burger. 

Let's talk about those radishes. I'm not a fan of them. My husband loves them but they're a little too bitter for me. Lucky for me Trevor at Fresh Fork puts together a newsletter every week letting you know midweek what you'll be receiving that week. This gives you a chance to plan your meals and shopping. It also includes information about the farms that the products are coming from, recipes and suggestions for use. This is how I found out that if you quickly saute those radishes it turns them slightly sweet and nutty. Just make sure to toss them fast as they can lose their crispness pretty quickly.

All in all I'm loving this even more than I thought I would. Every week is like Christmas! We usually plant a garden, but decided against it this year, as we have gotten too busy to properly keep up with it. I wanted a CSA that would supplement what we used to plant and at the same time get us eating more fruits and vegetables and trying new ones. 

One of the great features is their website, which allows you to track your account, set up a payment plan and add items to your subscription. This week I added 3 different organic coffees with the option to pay online or when I picked up my weekly share. Every week the available items change and range from jams to meats, baked goods, even veggie burgers.

Sorry this was so long! From now on I'll be updating every week so they will be much shorter.

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Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

I am so incredibly jealous of all that wonderful food! I'm also kicking myself for not signing up for that CSA this year. I saw how others enjoyed theirs last year. Silly me. I'll just have to live vicariously through your posts!

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