Fresh Fork - Week 4


1pkg chicken bratwursts
1 bunch garlic scapes
1.5 lbs tomatoes
1 qt strawberries
1 bunch green onions
1 bunch spinach
2 heads leaf lettuce
zucchini or yellow squash
1 bunch red beets
4oz tub fresh chevre (goat) cheese

I'm thrilled for more garlic scapes!!! I used them in just about everything and I thought they were done for the season. The strawberries are an unexpected treat as this will be the third week we've had them. Strawberry season is so short here but apparently the cooler weather in the last few weeks has helped us out there. I'm looking forward to picking up some rhubarb and making this strawberry rhubarb pie from Smitten Kitchen that the lovely Cleveland Foodie tested out and recommended.

My husband and I have a very unhealthy love of goat cheese. We LOVE goat! (cheese, that is) So I was beyond excited to try this one from Lucky Penny Creamery.

My first idea is to do a pizza on the grill with a little olive oil, spinach, chicken brat & goat cheese. I'll use some of the cornmeal I have left (from week 1) for the crust. I love a cornmeal bottom and it's a necessity for an easy transfer from the pizza board to the grill.

this week's beans

my add on order

Last week I added 3 half pound coffees to my order and picked them up with my share. We tried City Roast's Sumatran Mandheling, Costa Rican Tarrazu and Mexican Blend. All are organic and available for purchase at the West Side Market and at Civilization in Tremont. All week I've been enjoying the best coffee ever. This week I added another Sumatran and an Ethiopian Harrar. I also added a grass-fed flank steak from Green Vista Farm and some egg linguine from Ohio City Pasta. All totaled up to an add'l $20! Great food that's good for you and a wonderful price. It's a good feeling :)

I'll also be making Rachael Ray's Herb Butter and Goat Cheese Pasta using my fresh linguine, tomatoes and goat cheese. I'll most likely top with some thinly sliced grilled flank steak or grilled portabella.
If you've struggled with switching to whole wheat pasta, I highly recommend trying out Ohio City Pasta's version. It's fresh, so it cooks quickly and tastes wonderful. You won't even realize you're eating wheat pasta until you look down - that's how good it is! You can find it at the WSM, Heinens & Whole foods.


Anonymous said...

This stuff always looks soooo amazing!!! ...and how did you learn to be such an awesome chef??? You should give classes. ;)

Modern Musings said...

thanks mama! You are too funny. I will now compensate you for your opinion :) ha ha

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so fresh and summery! It looks like you love to cook, you must do a lot of entertaining!

Reshae @ Cleveland Food Goddess said...

i'm with you on hte love for goat cheese! The pasta dish looks like it will be sooooo good!

Anonymous said...

Goat cheese makes everything better!
Burgers + goat cheese = HEAVEN!

Modern Musings said...

Made the pasta last night and you're right, goat cheese DOES make everything better!! Forgot to put in the wine (how did that happen?) added some scapes and it was perfect. You can totally use whatever herbs you have on hand, I also had some for lunch today and it was delish reheated.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

garlic scapes are my newest obsession!

Modern Musings said...

mine too! addictive little buggers

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