Fresh Fork - WK 5 (The Cherries Are Here!)

Week 5

1 bunch beets with tops
1 bunch carrots with tops
1 head cabbage
2 cucumbers 
1 quart yogurt
1 head bibb lettuce
Approx 1.5 lbs tomatoes
Approx 2 lbs sweet black cherries
1 lb grassfed ground beef

This week all I added on to my order was a dozen eggs. Once you try these there's no going back!

I will be using the grass-fed ground beef (and testing my culinary prowness) by attempting the Lola Burger, as seen here, in one of the best cookbooks ever.

I was so excited to get cherries. We have a huge cherry tree in our backyard. For some odd reason, I'm crossing my fingers it's due to all the heavy spring rain we had, it's not producing cherries this year. I had high hopes of making a cherry pie that were quickly dashed when I started eating them out of the bag and couldn't stop! Well, that's a lie, I did stop for a minute to add some to my Skinnygirl Sangria! 

along with peaches and strawberries

I highly recommend this beverage patio-side!
On a side note, you MUST try Ohio City Pasta (if you haven't already). There are many options of freshly made wonders. Linguine to papardelle, gnocchi and ravioli. Pick one up at their stand at the West Side Market, add a flavored butter or sauce and voila! No real cooking involved.

Last night I started with mushroom fontina ravioli

Added some roasted shallot red wine butter, 

some herbs and freshly grated parmesan to finish it off.

It was the perfect addition to a grilled pork tenderloin, lamb chops and zucchini.


Anonymous said...

How was the Sangria?

Lyn @ Life Lyn Style said...

do you have two cherry trees? doesn't one need to pollenate the other?

Modern Musings said...

The sangria is good. It's a little sweet (I'm not usually a sweet wine drinker- I mainly stick to dry) I'm having my girlfriend, who is quite the sangria expert, give it a try, since I might not be the best judge.

@Lyn-apparently we have a self-pollenating tree. Who knew? I had to ask. We've had fruit for 10 years and this is the first without, but the leaves are falling as well :( We checked with a specialist and they said it was something going around the area and gave us a tree spray to help.

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