A Feather & A Sequin (Skirt That Is)

 Awhile ago it occurred to a girlfriend and I that we both were holding onto giftcards we had no intention of using. Mine was for a fab restaurant in Naples, FL and hers was for Victoria's Secret. I used to be based in FL for work so it's something that I had planned on using, but then my job came back here and I never got to. Oh and it was set to expire at the end of August. This friend lived right by said restaurant and I knew she was still holding on to the Vicky's card. (Since every time we went to one of their stores she'd exclaim "Oh, I still have this giftcard, but I just never remember to bring it") So it finally occurred to us that we could just swap them, leaving both of us all the more happy.

Wouldn't you know the day we swapped I got an email from Vicky's announcing fall trends. With this picture:

Sequin and beaded miniskirt $98
Do you hear that? The angels? Singing?
I have been on the hunt for a sequin miniskirt for forever. It was just meant to be! So you know how when you finally find something you've been hunting for, you find it, then you start to get a little greedy? (no?) So then I start thinking, "oh, it could only be better if it had a feather..."

Lo and behold

J Crew Fluttery Sequin Mini $485 $189.99
do you see that markdown?! wow

And it doesn't stop there. J Crew has put a whole bunch of sparkly, fluttery skirts on sale. I love how they are styled with ultra casual shirts and tops. Adore.

J Crew Disco Mini $350 $194.99

J Crew Plumage Mini $995 $599.99
Ok, still ridiculously expensive,
but oh-so MAJOR

J Crew Merino Sequin-fringed Mini $495 $149.99


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just the pic, but the skirt with the feathers is not very flattering.
It looks like there is an apron or towel or something stuck in the waist band. The others are darling.

Modern Musings said...

That's hilarious! I can kind of see that in the way they styled it. I can only wish I had a ratty apron that looked that good.

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