A Wine Surprise

I hate Chardonnay. I mean, I really hate Chardonnay. Not dislike, not "I'll drink it on a hot summer day if it's the only thing available". No way. Not happening. I like other whites, really I do.

Do you remember the movie Sideways? Where Paul Giamatti's character Miles agrees to go out that evening with his friend but says "If anybody orders Merlot I'm leaving, I'm not drinking any f**cking Merlot!"?

Yeah, just like that.

Look what somehow made it's way into the fridge.

Now, this isn't the first time it's happened. Usually some very kind person gifts a lovely bottle of wine (which just so happens to be the only grape I despise) to us and said bottle always finds it's way to a good, chardonnay-loving home. But this was no gifted bottle. Oh no. I purchased this myself. Really?

Well it had to have come from Wine & Design (in Tremont) and (obviously) Greg and/or Dan let me purchase under the influence (one too many tastings?) or perhaps made a big mistake and just gave me the wrong bottle.

I'm holding the bottle (fridge still open) and looking at my husband. "What's this?" I say. "I don't know. You must have tried it and liked it" he says. Not really paying attention to how important this conversation is. "Does anyone not know me?!" I exclaim. Meaning that - by now the lovely boys at W&D know every minuscule detail of my life since I practically live there and how could this possibly happen! Whew.

Whatever. It was cold. And my husband was opening a lovely 2006 Meritage, so I figured no harm done in giving it a taste (just to prove him wrong).

Yeah. I was obviously under the influence when I tasted (and purchased) this bottle.

Cause it was FABULOUS!

If I had been in the right state of mind I would have (as usual) thrown a big fit and exclaimed how they just changed the course of my (wine-drinking) life and finally (after years of red wine snobbery) introduced me to a Chardonnay that not only didn't suck, but that I LOVE.

Oh Greg Morris*. I love you. And your super fab store. And your little doggie too!

*the above-mentioned Greg Morris bears no relation to the Smitten Morris'. Although I sometimes pretend he does.
*and I figured it's ok to publicly state my love for anyone sharing the same last name as me, so there.


Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

This is a very timely post for me as I have a similar relationship with Chardonnay, but found it was the only bottle of white wine I had in house last night. Surprisingly, I didn't hate mine either! And seeing a pup when you shop doesn't hurt either...

Modern Musings said...

Must be chardonnay season! I love it when stores have a shop pup or kitty!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i joke that the only time i drink chardonnay is when i'm at an event where it's open beer and wine and the only option is chardonnay.

i won't order it normally, i'm a bubbles, and sav blanc girl for the most part but i HAVE had fabulous chardonnay's of the buttery not oakey variety.

i must look into this kind though!