Gaga-licious Holiday

Gaga's Workshop is in full swing at Barney's New York and I simply can't get enough of the wild and wonderful window displays. Feast your eyes...

Gaga's Boudoir


Gaga's Crystal Cave

Gaga Machine

Gaga Constellation

And let's talk about her gorgeous fashions as of late! I started swooning over her Chanel dress for the Barney's opening and about lost my mind when I watched her Thanksgiving special.

the Lady in Chanel {via}
in Stephane Rolland {via}
in Armani Prive {via}

in Martin Grant {via}

in Jean Paul Gaultier {via}


CLEgal @ Why CLE? said...

I loved her Thanksgiving special! I made the whole fam watch it with me. How adorable was she with the kids?!

Modern Musings said...

OMG that part was darling!

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