OOTD - The Grand Canyon

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being on a layover at the Grand Canyon. Going into this I was intrigued. I'm not a really big nature girl (unless it involves snow) and unlike most people I know, this wasn't on my bucket list. But, when in Rome, right? I was anticipating being dropped off in the desert, not in a crisp tree and snow-filled winter wonderland. Oh, I could get very used to this!

The problem was in the packing, as in 4 days I would be in Dallas, the Canyon, Las Vegas and San Diego - with one carryon. There was lots of layering, tanks under shirts, under sweaters, under blazers, under scarves. That could all be paired down as the temperatures went up. I brought 1 pair of jeans, flats and heels, yoga pants and pajamas. (Well, and 10 pounds of jewelry, but that's another post entirely.)

Outfit of The Day

sunglasses - LOFT
blazer - Gap
scarf - Gap
cardigan - H&M
ballet flats - Sam Edelman
clutch - vintage Gucci
gloves - Target
jeans - J Brand

There is no railing or barrier preventing you from flinging yourself right into the canyon. And our tour guide was lovely enough to tell us that the best-seller in the gift shop was the book Over The Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon, which gives "gripping accounts of all known fatal mishaps". Thanks.

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Mom said...

Fabulous pictures! I never really thought about a trip to the Grand Canyon either but might consider it in the future after your post.

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