Thanksgiving - Essential Tools

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week already? It seems by the time Halloween hits us, the next 2 months fly by and it's a whirlwind of planning, prepping and partying. Here are my can't live without tools to make your Thanksgiving just a bit easier.

Large Non-stick Roaster (Crate & Barrel $69.99) - Perfect size for a medium to large bird. Non-stick interior and removable rack allows you to lift the bird out easily, put the pan over two burners and make the gravy right in the pan.
Gravy Separator (Williams-Sonoma $28) - You've got to strain the fat somehow before making gravy and this is the best strainer I've had over the years. The fine mesh strainer, heavy duty rubber lid and glass carafe can just be tossed into the dishwasher. The glass is flameproof, microwavable, freezer and oven safe.

Thermometer with Probe (Target $19.75) - Stick the probe in the bird and set the unit on the stove. Easily set temperature and or timer and it will notify you when done. Magnetic back ensures no sliding around the stove.

Turkey Lifters (Crate & Barrel $12.95) - Nice enough to be seen and super inexpensive. These will ensure your bird doesn't land on the floor when you take it from the roasting rack to platter or carving board.

Potato Ricer (Williams-Sonoma $29.95) - If you've never used a ricer for mashed potatoes, you don't know what you're missing! This produces the fluffiest, airiest potatoes. This model features 3 adjustable blades (fine, med, coarse) and is perfect for mashed vegetables too. Just pop in your cooked potatoes and squeeze. Dishwasher safe.

Glass Refrigerator Dishes (Crate & Barrel $6.95-$19.95) - A lot can be made ahead and these, available in multiple sizes and shapes, are perfect for pre and post-Thanksgiving storage.. They can also be used when transporting dishes and then sticking right into the host's oven.

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