The Well Dressed Man & Banana Republic Holiday Ad Campaign

There's something to be said about a man with style.  His own style.
I'm not a fan of finding a great guy and dressing him. Women seemingly love to do this. (I know I'm gonna get some flak for this).
I'm not one of those girls. Nope. See ya. Do not apply. There's a lot of single women out there and good men are hard to find. I get it. But finding a great guy with bad style and putting him in something you want him to wear is not the answer. They never quite seem to pull it off. You can always tell. It's a bit awkward. It just makes him a guy wearing nice clothes. Not a Well Dressed Man. Now, this doesn't mean he has to have it all together. There still needs to be a certain polished ruggedness to it. Otherwise we'd be shopping with him, not sleeping with him. Finding a guy with his own sense of style (and I don't mean game day jerseys, sweats or free t-shirt giveaways), now that's a find.

This thought was brought about by the latest ad campaign by Banana Republic. The husband made a purchase a few weeks ago and they sent along a coupon (of course!) with the latest holiday images.

isn't he darling?

I will now make believe that this is the husband and I and we are off to
a lovely holiday soiree.
And yes, I will be recreating all these holiday looks (for myself, of course.)

love a man in a scarf!

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Melanie said...

Well said. And may I add that it seems you've found a man with his own style. The two of you are just as fetching as the couple in this ad. Now if you come across any other men with a good sense of style, please do tell.

Christina said...

I think my boyfriend sometimes has a better sense of style than me and that's not a bad thing. I love this ad campaign! I totally know what you are talking about when it comes to women dressing their man! But sometimes all they need is a point in the right direction! A women's touch!

Unknown said...

I love to dress my husband! The flip side is that he likes to dress stylishly, so he pulls everything off with ease. Now he's started dressing me. It's more fun to go out when we've put each other in the perfect outfit... almost like a game.

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