New Music Tuesday - um, Wednesday

Have I mentioned that I have too much going on? And I'd really love to clone myself. Not so that I could successfully accomplish everything, but so that one of me can always be in cozy jammies with a glass of wine! Hence I'm posting New Music Tuesday on Wednesday. Oh well.

Rarely are there 3 new albums I'm hot for, but this week I picked up these 3 releases.

Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasure
A hauntingly wonderful mix of never before released tracks and live, uncut performances. Grab a bottle of scotch and try not to think that the best was still yet to come..

The Black Keys - El Camino
For their seventh album, the boys have gone heavier on the pop without losing their core. Unbelievably fun, you will find yourself singing along on your very first listen

Dia Frampton - Red
Dia (from NBC's The Voice) was my favorite all along. She's got a way with melody and a quirky voice all her own. From the minute I heard her remake Kanye West's Heartless I was sold. She does have the obligatory single with Blake Shelton on here (her coach on the show) and for me that's the only low point of this album. -just not into country, I guess


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