Weekend Recap

pic via Emerging Chefs facebook

I had my first taste of Christmas Festivities this weekend and that, along with the fact that I didn't get home from work until 10:30 last night, is why I'm now just getting to it.

We started Saturday night off at Wine & Design for a tasting and to pick up some bubbly.

How cozy is this?! I wonder if Greg will let
me just curl up on this chair in the window.

We then headed over to Evie Lou to pick up a ring I saw the week before. I should have learned my lesson by now. If Kim ever tells you something is the last one, grab it immediately! Don't think you'll be coming back to get it in a few days because someone will have snagged it. I did end up with treats for myself and the husband for under $50.

Sparkly earrings for me...

and Tokyomilk shea-butter handcreme in Bulletproof for
him. This smells amazing with notes of smoked tea, crushed
cedar and ebony woods. 

Walking over to Banyan Tree we started to get really excited for their annual Hot Toddy party when we saw Fahrenheit's ShortRib1 truck parked out front. This was their best party yet! Plenty of complimentary hot toddys, wine, cocktails and mountains of food. Too bad we were heading over to Lago for dinner, I could have hung out there all night!

Banyan Tree all aglow in sparkle!

We walked across the street where we had a little holiday dinner party at Lago going on. Some of my co-workers from PA, Michigan and New York all came together where we ate (and ate), drank and were merry for hours on end. We tried just about the entire menu with raves coming in for just about everything. My favorites were the beef carpaccio, gorgonzola ravioli with sage and cranberry, lamb shank and lobster gnocci.

Krys, myself and Jen catching up while everyone was arriving.

Ridiculously full, we had debated whether to head to Velvet Tango Room or Dante for a post-dinner drinks. Considering the VTR was not within walking distance we opted for Dante-which I'm always down for. Drinks flowing, a quick tour of Ginko and the merriment continued as the night wound down.

Christine, Jen, Coco, myself and Krys. Michelle and Christina
and the men successfully snuck out of this one!

By the time Sunday rolled around I was determined to spend the day in my pajamas. That morning my husband made the most glorious pancakes, ever. I adore pancakes, but refuse to make them. I'm way too impatient and the kitchen ends up a disaster. Lucky for me, my husband is quite the patient man. Holiday Spice is a wheat pancake with cinnamon, nutmeg and citrus flavors.

We totally cheated and used this mix from Crate & Barrel ($7.95).
Just add eggs, milk and oil.

After a day of massive relaxation, we headed out to Nighttown for Emerging Chefs Prohibition Party. It was a well planned, wonderful evening of music, food and drinks. We enjoyed Oysters Rockefeller, Rose Champagne, Sidecars, Lobster, Chateaubriand, Brandy Alexanders and much, much more.

Check out Emerging Chefs photo set here.


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i have yet to check out wine and design, need to like, stat.

Modern Musings said...

They have a great selection of bubbles :) And this Fri-Sun they have a free gift with $25 purchase!

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