SAG Awards - Fashion, Fun & A Drinking Game

Drinking game alert! (ala Andy Cohen) Every time someone says Scorsese take a guzzlet of your cocktail.
Thanks to the ladies of Bridesmaids for amping it up and getting down and dirty. This is gonna be a fun night.

The vibe at Sunday's SAGs was upbeat, laid-back and (dare I say) drinky. The stars were enjoying themselves, laughing and having a ton of fun. Yes, even Angie! The red carpet was a bit more exciting than the Globes, but I'm left a bit confused by some and a bit irritated that I didn't have that oh-mi-god I'm dying moment. But there were some great picks, some really not-so-great-picks and some trending. And you know how I love myself a trend.
Note to self: Next time the girls and I get together lets all wear the same trend. Like leather leggings.

Best Dressed - hands down I can't even take it anymore because everything fits her so well and it kind of makes me nauseous but I love it anyway - goes to......

Sofia Vergara in Marchesa
Her hair, makeup, and accessories are perfection. I bet she even smells good.

Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen


Bring a Great Date

Vincent Piazza & Ashlee Simpson, George Clooney & Stacy Keibler
Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick, Diane Lane & Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt & John Krasinski

Creamy Nudes with Lace/Sparkly Overlay

Zoe Saldana, Rose Byrne, Judy Greer
Julianna Margulies, Katrina Bowden, Berenice Bejo

Some celebs learned a lesson from their Golden Globe look and amped it up for the SAGs.

Most Improved

Julianna Margulies in Calvin Klein

Melissa McCarthy in Badgley Mischka - which looked black in the
sunlight but really was this wonderful navy blue.

Meryl Streep redeemed herself in Vivienne Westwood.

Most Improved Behavior goes to Brad & Angie. Look how
much fun they're having! 

Do I love it? Or hate it? Even if I love the dress there is something I find just a bit off. Hmmmm

Lea Michele - Go ahead, laugh, but I like a girl who can pose. And she can out pose Zoolander. Love her hair down and she is all glowy and gorgeous but it all seems a bit forced. Can you tell that her shoe is at least a size too big? Who knows, maybe she swells after a night out.

Michelle Williams - Everyone seemed to love this dress and she's already on a lot of best-dressed lists. I find it a bit - meh. And the shoes look cheap like they came from Bakers. It also doesn't help that she's now getting as weird and standoff-ish as Kristen Stewart. Watching her being interviewed on the red carpet was painful. Yes, we know you're miserable and want to stay home and be a mom. Go! We didn't beg you to be so amazing.

Jayma Mays - I adore this dress. Love it from neck to toe. I don't know what I would have wanted her to do with her hair or jewelry but not this. What is wrong with me?!

Natalie Portman - Oh Nat, you are sublime. Just not in this color. You look a bit washed out and way less fabulous than your are. Please get it together before the Oscars, please.

Oh wait...there's more!

Julie Bowen - The color of this dress is spot on. And I love the draping, but something (hair maybe?) is a bit off and I can't put my finger on it.

Emilia Clarke -  It's every girl's dream to wear Chanel Couture and this dress is stunning. On someone older and taller this would be fantastic. It looks ill-fitting and the messy updo isn't helping.

Kristen Wiig - I'm getting irritated because Kristen can be pretty hot. She needs to let that hair down, lose the choker and grab some stellar cuffs.

Worst Dressed

Shana Woodley - You are such a sweet, sweet dear and this dress is all kinds of terrible and reminds me of a really bad 90's moment.

Amber Riley - Rip that bow off child and show off that body! You look like you're going to a homecoming dance.

Heather Morris - There is no excuse for this. That is all.

Tilda Swinton - I love myself some Tilda but as she proved at the Globes, you've got to go very structural to pull off a pale color on such porcelain skin.

Angelina Jolie - Ok. You're thinking this isn't so terrible, right? But it's Angelina Jolie! There is a whole other standard when it comes to her. I'm not a fan of this fabric. It kind of looks like a black garbage bag. And someone get her a burger - can't you see she's starving!

Gretchen Mol - Do you watch Boardwalk Empire? She's insanely beyond gorgeous. Not that you can tell here.

images via justjared, instyle, style, eonline, popsugar

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