So Not Down With The Sickness

It seems everyone in the CLE is sick. With temps being an unseasonably 50 degrees here, the germs just keep going around.

Who was I to think I could escape? Especially when the husband (aka germ carrier) came home with it. For the record, he never gets sick and has needed to go to the doctor approx 2 times in his 40 year existence. He usually stays healthy while bringing the germ home for me to enjoy. thanks, honey

So now he's sick. Like a virus, sick. How am I supposed to take care of someone who for 1. is a guy and 2. hates to be taken care of - all while trying to keep a 3 foot radius from him and his germ and run around the house with a can of lysol. That didn't work out too well. As I came down with the sickness just days later. ARGHHHH! Oh well, at least I have great company, as I said earlier everyone is sick.

Problem is I hate tea, and juice and boring brothy soups. Pretty much everything that you need to consume while sick. I like candy and creamy things and wine.

Has anyone ever gotten better on a steady diet of Dots and Malbec? Cause the germ carrier says no.

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Christina said...

I love dots! and wine of course!

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