Bright Zoya Polish & Lips To Match

I'm not usually a lip and nail matcher. I like them not to clash, but most of the time there isn't much thought that goes into it. Last month when Zoya was giving away 2 free bottles of polish, I asked everyone on facebook and twitter what colors you all were getting. Then I took your suggestions and checked out my current collection and decided to go bright.

When they came in the mail, I had just picked up a few new Revlon lipsticks (darn you Ulta and your bogo sales!) and realized that one was an exact match for one of my new polishes. Upon further review of my cosmetics collection, I found another lipstick for the other polish! Not sure if I'll be wearing them together yet. I'm thinking of mixing them up and wearing the melon with the pink and vice versa.

Zoya Lo & Zoya Tobey

Revlon Moon Drops Persian Melon with
Zoya Lo

Elizabeth Arden Pink Vibration and
Zoya Tobey

I was sad to hear a few girls didn't like the polish colors they selected. It's really easy to do when ordering online since colors show up differently based on lighting and monitor settings. I'm a huge fan of Google image search. I always image search colors before I buy. (I did it before I ordered these, just to make sure.) I especially like to see the color painted on someone's nails and there are a ton of girls (and bloggers) who post images for practically every color imaginable. It's also good to double check to see if you're getting a creme, frost, sheer or matte formula. I always keep am eye out because I'm not a fan of sheer coverage on my nails.

Always image search! So easy to do.


Dina's Days said...

I always find myself going back to pink polish when I can't decide. That lipstick is TO DIE FOOORRRRRRR. Zoya's Charisma is another awesome color.

Wearing Mascara said...

I LOVE ZOYA. Even more than OPI (I used to be a huge OPI fan). But then Zoya did their whole social media thing and they had so many sales... I just love them and their polish lasts. I haven't tried the ones you posted... but we should share what we love and don't love. I have way too many than I'd like to admit...

Modern Musings said...

@Dina- totally going gaga for Charisma now, thanks, I think.

@Wearing Mascara-That's how I used to be with Essie. I love everything Zoya and we need to get the girls together and do a nail swap! I have tons too. I could even do a full on beauty swap I have so much stuff.

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