Pier W Still Makes Me Swoon

We are very lucky in the CLE to have so many amazing independent restaurants. Many of our neighborhoods are being revitalized and therefore an abundance of new and noteworthy places to try. Bring it on! There is room for everyone, as we, in the CLE, love our local foods and local chefs. So it's easy to forget those places that have been a mainstay for so long in our quest to get out and try all the new-ness going on.

Pier W has long been a favorite of mine for birthdays and anniversaries. It wasn't written up as having one of the most romantic restaurant views for nothing. Plop someone down in a romantic setting and your work isn't done. Too many places don't get this. This is what Pier W does well. Better than well. They get it. The service is spot on. The food is beyond wonderful. They manage to celebrate tradition with a modern twist.

But Pier W isn't just for special occasions. I learned that in the past year or so. They have a wonderful happy hour and a great crowd of people watching forms at the bar. Happy hour runs Sun-Fri 4-7p and Sat 4-6:30p. Here are a few of my faves (the entire HH menu is available on their site).

Lobster Bisque w/ Brandy $9 $4.75
Beef Short Rib Pierogis $8 $4
Angus Reserve Burger w/ kettle chips $13 $6.5
Prince Edward Island Mussels $9 $4.5

The Pier W, Pomegranate Martini, Basil Martini, Vodka Cucumber Lemonade, Raspberry Limeade and Black Martini (and many more) are all $5.75
They also have 6 wine pours at $5.75

Pier W Happy Hour makes Allizon & I very happy!

Currently they are offering a 3-course Prix Fixe (Sunday-Fridays) for $35. It's like Restaurant Week every week!

On Mondays and Tuesdays they have a wine special where select bottles are 30% off. Yes, even on the Reserve List. I find the wine list here to be very easy to navigate. (And always ask to see the Reserve List. They have some really great bottles at very reasonable prices there.)

Last night the Husband and I celebrated our anniversary here. It was the most glorious 2 hours. We arrived for our reservation and were told a prime window seat was coming available if we'd like to wait in the lounge for a few minutes. (Of course!) We had a laugh when the hostess asked if she could check my coat and his hat. Which started an entire conversation on why more restaurants don't check your fedora. (Only him!)

5 minutes later and we were seated at the best table with the best view in all of Cleveland. It was a perfectly clear night and I was already swooning with love for our beautiful city. We ordered a bottle of wine and set on appetizers. We were told Oysters Rockefeller was a special that night and they were the best in the city. (Which prompted the Husband to ask which were the second best and then an entire conversation began on why more places don't serve Oysters Rockefeller) Can you see how this night was going to play out? If you are ever there when this is the special, order it, you will not be disappointed! They were 6 of the largest, most amazing oysters ever and I immediately forgot how I was sad that the Crab Louis wasn't on the menu anymore.

We also ordered the Lobster Tempura Sushi Roll, North Atlantic Haddock w/ lobster mashed potatoes in a lemon butter and lobster sauce and the Surf and Turf. Each bite was nearly blown away by the next. The service was spot on, as it always is, and we had great fun with our charming and witty waiter. We ate, drank and laughed our way through dinner.

A tiny fraction of the chocolates available.

Currently they are featuring their 30 days of chocolate (through Valentine's Day) and this is not to be missed. Very well priced at $8 for one trip and $12 for all you can indulge. Everything you could possibly imagine is available. From dark chocolate red wine truffles to berries and fondue, cookies, brownies, white chocolate, coconut confections, delicate buckeye cups....It was mind-boggling.  The staff was so lovely as to treat us to this decadent experience for our anniversary. Thank you!

*since we wanted a romantic evening the Husband and I decided no phones/cameras at dinner. Therefore all above images (except for the one of me) are from Pier W's facebook page.


Christina said...

I can't imagine a better place to do V-Day. Chris and I tried this restaurant on a quiet Sunday afternoon in the summer once. We basically had the restaurant to ourselves. It was great! I just wish there were more restaurants on the Lake.

Wearing Mascara said...

I always assumed their prices were too expensive! It's so great to see their happy hour menu and fixed menu prices! Love this - thanks for sharing!

Kristian said...

The happy hour pricing is really good to know! We'll definitely have to give it a try. Thanks!

Jen said...

I have never been and I've always wanted to go! I'm making the BF take me here for my birthday this year.

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I love Pier W...we went for CLEguy's bday and I had the haddock, which I agree is outstanding. It's always nice to see a restaurant stay consistently good and not just rest on its laurels. So glad you had a nice romantic evening.

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