Recapping The Week - DC Pasta, Noodlecat, Bloggers, Wine & Lexus

I've found that recently my weeks are crazy and filled with friends, events and fun and my weekends have been relaxing and unwinding. This week was the perfect example in that Monday through Thursday were filled with activities and Friday-Sunday I had nothing planned. Nothing. I checked. With the Husband. At least three times. I love being at home. Cooking, snuggling with a glass of wine, just doing whatever. Not to say I don't love getting out. There are so many events going on constantly that you just have to make sure that you don't overcommit yourself. Which is easy to do in the CLE.

Monday started out with my mother and her husband being in town. We dined at Lago in Tremont where I ordered the (amazing) beef carpaccio all-for-myself. I would have shared, but they weren't interested. I ended up with the duck breast over spring pea risotto (which was the special) and afterward we walked over to Dante for dessert at the bar. If you haven't had dessert there, Get There Now. I'm the girl who always eats too much and has no room left for dessert, but I save room when I'm here. We ordered the roasted pumpkin cheesecake with candied pecans and bourbon, toasted coconut creme caramel and the ice cream/sorbet tasting. There are no words.

Since Dante's new DC Pasta Co had opened in Strongsville just a few days prior, the Husband, Mother in Law and I met for lunch to check it out. DC pasta is a collaboration between Dante Boccuzzi and Carmella del Busso offering freshly made, affordable pasta where you can bring the whole family. Pastas are avilable in 3 sizes (tasting, appetizer, entree) and they have 25 Italian wines under $25. See entire menu here. Check out this wonderful (p)review and pics from Exploring Food My Way.

The best Mother-in-Law ever, Chef Dante, the front of DC Pasta has wine, fresh pasta and other Italian delights for purchase.
Clockwise - oven roasted mushroom appetizer, eggplant-ricotta-tomato-basil-pigtail pasta (app size), pork meatball,
pappardelle bolognese w/ beef-veal-pork(app size),  spinach gnocchetti w/ gorgonzola and walnuts (tasting), pumpkin filled tortellini w/ amaretto (tasting)
The mushroom appetizer was so wonderful I'm craving it again. The eggplant pasta we felt could use a bit more eggplant, but other than that all the pastas were fantastic. I expected the pumpkin tortellini to be a bit sweet, but it wasn't. It was light and savory and the Husband even liked it (and he's not a pumpkin fan). The gorgonzola dish is amazingly rich and flavorful with a great crunch from the walnuts and we could barely finish it between the 3 of us. Which, oddly, won't stop me from ordering it again. I'm convinced no one could finish the entree size of this it's so filling.

I'm excited to be heading here again on Tuesday for dinner to try even more of the menu and check out the great wine list.

Tuesday night was the monthly meetup of the Ohio Blogging Association. This month we met up at Wine & Design in Tremont for a little, you guessed it, wine. If you are a blogger or blog lover, I highly recommend you come to an event. We are a fun bunch if I do say so myself! You can read recaps from Jen @ Why CLE?, Alicia @ Poise in Parma or Nadine at Blog The New Black or Crystal @ Eat*Drink*Cleveland.

Finally getting to meet Nadine,  wine we tasted, Kristian made everyone's day bringing Pazcki, Crystal & I,
Miss WineOH paired our wines with nibbles, Wine & Design coziness.
Wednesday brought our GNO at the Cat (Noodlecat) and if you haven't been there read this. Sarah, Crystal, her friend Elizabeth and my friend Michelle spent a few hours slurping and digging in to buns, cocktails and desserts.

The crowd getting ready for the runway show.

Thursday I headed with the Husband to the Lexus Style Show at Playhouse Square. Fashion and cars collided in a beautiful space atop the stage at the State Theater. On our way home we stopped at Happy Dog for some post-Playhouse dogs.

So that's the week. Which is why I'm wrapping it up with a cozy, winter weekend in yoga pants and a hot beverage. I'm not leaving the house til Monday. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Funny - I tend to have crazy week days and more mellow weekends...hmmm. coincidence? Or maybe we party each other out all week and have to recoup before we start it all again!

Can you believe I've never eaten at Happy Dog? Me neither! Everytime I've tried it's a Polka night and a mob scene.

Modern Musings said...

hmmm..coincidence? I think not. We won't go if it's polka night. Gives HC nightmares.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

Thanks for the link love lady! and I'm uber jealous of your visit to DC. Hoping to make it out there soon.

I'm with you: my weeks are nuts, the weekends calm. I kinda love it that way!

Kristian said...

Looks like a great week! I love the collage of photos for Wine Tasting night! I realize I look so happy when holding food. :-)

Modern Musings said...

Kristian-WE look so happy when you're holding food too!

Blog- The New Black said...

You are so sweet! What a great post- you really had a jam packed week in the CLE. I *loved* getting to know you last week. Lets get together soon!

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