Scenes From A Friday Night

Ahhhh, the Friday night date night.

Having season tickets to the Cavs for so many years means the husband and I get to have quite a few midweek date nights downtown, shielding yourself from the blistering wind and snow while making the trek from where we park to the Q. (The key is having a great spot halfway to stop, warm yourself up, get a libation, meet up with friends, before bundling up and walking the rest of the way.) Since it was a Friday night game and it was quite warm out for this time of year, we opted out of our usual and strolled along E4th St. I feel like I live here lately. With The Greenhouse and Noodlecat, CLE Clothing Co and Dredgers Union, I'm here at least twice a week.

You could tell something was happening last night as droves of people were packed into downtown in every bar and shop. The Heat was here. We headed to Flannery's to meet up with some friends. Packed was an understatement and I almost had a slight panic attack waiting at the bar for my drink.

Walking over to the arena, excitement filled the air. Something I haven't felt in the last 2 years. It's been rough. But last night sparked excitement and the crowd was the crowd I remember (you know, when winning came easy - or easier.)

And it was the first time I was actually there early enough to get Rocco's Tacos and Nachos! (This really being the only reason I was stoked, as I still didn't have faith in my fellow Clevelanders to behave and not act like complete idiots with you-know-who in town.)

We saw Rocco behind the counter and the husband asked if I could get my picture taken with him. I'm listening to him now as he (bless his heart) tells Rocco I have a blog. Oh My God! You DID NOT just say that. Out loud. To Rocco! I'm now beyond mortified and the husband has no idea why. But Rocco says sure and comes out and this happens.

I got scooped!

I'm oddly less mortified now (he's so incredibly sweet! and strong) and I'm ready to get my taco on.

spiced chicken tinga tacos (my fave)

braised beef brisket tacos (hubby's fave)

We ordered the Spiced Chicken Tinga Tacos (baby greens, jack cheese, scallion, lime-avocado sauce, salsa fresca) and the Braised Beef Brisket Tacos (sweet teriyake glaze, jack cheese, crispy tortillas, salsa fresca). Oh, Rocco! Where have you been all these years when I've scoured the Q for a dinner that I won't regret later?

He stopped by to ask how we liked everything, but I was so busy mashing my face in taco heaven that I could barely nod.

show that taco who's boss!
As if I wasn't already swooning, he left us a treat.

hello german chocolate lover

I'm already craving more. Rocco's Tacos also serve up grilled vegetable tacos for only 366 calories, garlic buttered shrimp tacos, goat cheese nachos and sea salt nachos. See menu here.

Walking around the Q seeing everyone with their seasoned fries, chicken fingers and orange nacho sauce made me slightly nauseous after my delectable dinner. I've decided that we need 3 more Rocco's Taco stands in the arena to give a run to the fried chicken finger ones.

We sat down for the first half and it was. so. painful.
Like watching your ex strut about with their new girlfriend and you are a bumbling idiot. So for the second time ever (the first was when I had the flu and fell asleep in my seat) we left before the end of the game. Halftime to be exact.

The game was much easier to watch from the bar at Chinato with a French 75 in hand.

All in all it was a good night - other than the massive loss. I spotted some cute spring fashion (cobalt skinnies) and we played the 'count the North Face jacket game' (I swear admission is half off if you wear one.)


Sourire11 said...

Love the scooped photo! I get embarassed for no reason when my husband talks about my blog, too.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

YOU ARE THE CUTEST! Between getting picked up by the hottest chef in CTown, to taking down that taco to your post-game beverage - I just want to squeeze you to pieces. While the game was lame on our end, I'm happy to see you had a fun date night.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

How did I miss this post?!?! After talking about it last night I knew I had to hunt it down. LOVE IT! As always, you are adorable! Only YOU would get scooped! xoxo

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