Best Lip Gloss Under $3

In fact, my new favorite lip gloss is only $2.27 at the Target by my house. It's NYC Liquid Lip Shine.

L-R Prospect Pink, Brighton Beach Peach, Nude York City,
Fashion Avenue Fuchsia

There are 10 colors in the collection and retail at $2.49. The thing I hate about cheap drugstore gloss is that it usually has that plasticky smell and feel, doesn't last and tastes disgusting. Based on past history this is not something I would purchase even if I saw it in the store. I got Nude York City in my Influenster Holiday Voxbox.

This gloss is cushiony and smells and tastes like vanilla or frosting. I found it still on my lips (and moisturizing-courtesy of Vitamin E) hours after I put it on. If you have dry lips these are a must try. I ran right out to grab more colors. And at under $3 you don't feel guilty coming home with three new glosses. Out of the 4 I have, Prospect Pink is the only one I didn't like. It's a little too frosty and pale. Kind of '70s. I love the other two and the Fashion Ave Fuchsia has the color payoff of a $25 gloss.

L-R Prospect Pink, Brighton Beach Peach, Nude York City,
Fashion Avenue Fuchsia


Dina's Days said...

Wow good to know!!

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Hey - great tip - thanks! Gotta keep my lips smoochable!

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