Gelish - Tiger Blossom

Today's mani of the week is actually last week's. And I completely forgot to snap pics until now. So the following shows a week's worth of growth. Not too bad, actually. My friend Jaclyn got this a couple weeks ago and I knew I needed to try it. I wanted a hot orange and on me it comes off as a orange-coral. It's almost an exact dupe of the new Sephora + Pantone Universe lipgloss in Tangerine Vivid.

Gelish - Tiger Blossom

If you've read these reviews before, you know that I switch between OPI GelColor, CND Shellac and NailHarmony's Gelish all the time. I pretty much just pick a color regardless of brand. ALL these brands work exactly the same (for me). I've had quite a few conversations recently with women who prefer one over the other, saying that 'whichever brand' didn't last and just peeled right off their nails.

Not that I'm disputing this - I've seen many a bad shellac job, I just want to reiterate that it will only be as good as the manicurist doing it. If you're hopping around from salon to salon based on whoever had a Groupon, you might not get the most experienced person. It's all in the prep and application.

When this comes off I have no damage whatsoever to my nail. I'm not sure what other salons are doing that mine is doing differently but it is what it is.

The only difference I have noticed is removal time. OPI GelColor seems to take just a few minutes more to take off.

Again, all these statements reflect my personal experience.


Jaclynlala said...

I love this color and it looks great on your nails!

nicole said...

i love this bright color :)

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