March MADness

March is a month in our house that's always filled with guys trips to Vegas, abnormal amounts of college basketball and my birthday. But this year it's taken on a whole new meaning. After a 15+ month hiatus MAD MEN IS BACK March 25th. 

And all will be right with the world. Politicians will stop fighting over my reproductive rights, children will stop shooting each other and it will finally stop raining in Cleveland. All I want is a little reprieve from all the seriousness. A little frivolity. And a strong, handcrafted old-school cocktail. Is that too much to ask?

To kick the month of right (and get us all geared up) Banana Republic & Estee Lauder have released limited edition collections celebrating the swagger of the 60's. Let's take a peek.

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Lipstick & Creme Rouge

LE Lipstick in Cherry $25
LE Creme Rouge in Evening Rose $40

Don't you just adore the packaging? I can't wait to scoop these up for Mad Men Mondays. (read up on MMM here)

Banana Republic is back with another Limited Edition Mad Men line. This time they took to they sky and teamed up with Virgin America to premiere the collection. It seems every one's jumping on board the Karl train (or should I say flight) I don't care, I can't get enough in-flight fashion!

Framed Polo and Tailored Slim Wool Pant $49.50-98.50
Betty Dress $150
Rose Print Cardigan $69.50 Cigarette Pant $98
Tailored Navy Wool/Linen Blazer $250 Optic Check Shirt $79.50

Take in the entire collection here.


Dina's Days said...

I just pictured Dan in an outfit like one of those malemmodels and almost spit out my coffee. When is your birthday so we can meet up?

Modern Musings said...

Ha! I almost did, too. But I could totally see us in those hot pink cigarette pants.....B-day is the 31st. Must be why March always seems like the longest month to me.

N Sizzle said...

Everything is so gorgeous. I really hope you get dressed up for watching the show :)

Modern Musings said...

Of course! Any excuse to get swanky :)

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