Naked Sushi

Does hearing Naked Sushi conjure up images of poor Samantha covered in raw fish waiting on that table all night for Jared to get home? Cause it does for me. While intriguing, this is something I didn't think would ever interest me. Boobies don't scare me, but bad fish does.


Once I heard it would be a Dante Boccuzzi, Ginko and Matthew Mytro mashup I was game. They've done it a couple times before and I was always out of town, so yes, I'm a bit late to this party. Oh, and those famous Dante sushi push-pops. If it was anyone else doing it I would not have been there, but Ginko does have the best sushi in town.

Not having ventured onto West 6th since before the Millennium, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm guessing this wasn't the typical W6th crowd. (I think they were coming in closer to 10p as we were leaving.) We arrived at 8 and the sushi wouldn't be unveiled until 9, so it was a chance to grab a drink and some passed appetizers (sushi pops!) while catching up with Kristian and his brother, Nadine and JohnPaul and Lilia and Todd.

There wasn't any sushi actually placed on skin, it was all on banana leaves. And more than enough all around the models. Actually there wasn't much placed on the girls at all, which I was happy to see as I was worried they'd be poked with chopsticks all night. They were all very sweet.

As soon as some was scooped up, Dante was back at it replenishing the tables. The sushi rocked and we left happy, full and reminding ourselves it was a Monday night and we needed to get to bed.

Dante & Lilia

A spicy tuna push pop makes me a happy girl.


Kristian said...

We had such a fun time! Love naked sushi!

N Sizzle said...

HAHA I totally thought of Samantha too! Looks like a fun time!

Alana said...

Ow ow!!

Modern Musings said...

Oh, Alana! haha owwwww

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Best. Line. Ever.
"Boobies don't scare me, but bad fish does."

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