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I'm a hair girl. I'm not going to pretend that I do nothing and it just grows out of my head shiny and
smooth and exactly the way I want it. It's naturally curly and frizzy (or naturally crazy, as I like to say) and I've spent years beating it into submission. One thing I've learned is the importance of high quality styling tools. Your hair will thank you. They will cut down on your drying and styling time, do less damage and can actually make your hair shiny and healthier than the less expensive alternative.

But there are so many brands! How to choose? What is the right one for my hair?

The team over at ONE Styling recognizes this. They also get that everyone has different hair types and textures and their motto is "Infinite Creations, One Solution."

Last Friday they held a fun and informative event at Spa West, introducing their line and giving us the chance to test everything out. There were appetizers and champagne and stylists on hand to show us the styles we could create. All of us. All with different hair textures. All with the same set of tools.

Since there are too many products to cover in one post, I'll be recapping the event today and reviewing the line in a series of posts starting next week. Let me just say that this line has changed my life!

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We arrived at Spa West at 6:30 Friday night and were led into a cozy room with couches, candles and a  glowing fire. Appetizers were served, as was champagne, but all we could focus on were these bags.

It's always great to catch up and meet some of the girls you follow IRL (in real life)!

L-R: Charity, Lauren, Me, Dina, Crystal

Kate, Nadine's Mom, Nadine

Joe Kim from ONE Styling meeting Charlene.

Joe Kim sat us all down and gave us a brief history of the company and explained why they were so passionate about hair. It all started when Joe and his brother David grew up in Northeast Ohio. Their family ran a beauty supply store and when they started getting a lot of new orders for flat irons, David decided to manufacture his own rather than just order them in. He partnered with a factory in Korea and started selling them at trade shows. This was the beginning of the FHI brand.

The ONE Styling team: Josh, Joe & Les

Last year David Kim and his core group parted ways with FHI and founded ONE Styling, keeping their headquarters in Cleveland.
The brand is primarily stylist based with much of the design and innovation coming from feedback of stylists with years of experience.

At this point, we were positively giddy and couldn't wait to get into the stylist's chairs and see these tools in action!

There was lots of styling...


Great hair...
Lauren, Dina
Nadine, Charity

And everyone went home happy!

Nadine & her mom, Charity & Suzanne

The Birthday Girl, Nadine, Julie & Crystal

A big thanks to Les, Joe, Josh and Tran at ONE Styling and the stylists at Spa West for such a lovely evening! The tools we tried out were: 

Read more reviews of the night from Wearing Mascara, Blog-The New Black, Life in the CLE, Dina's Days (and here).

*Disclosure - I was provided the above tools as a  courtesy by ONE Styling for review. My opinions are my own and do not reflect that of anyone other than me

All photo rights belong to ONE Styling & John Tran.


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

how fun, everyone looks hot! still kicking myself for not going!

Amy said...

It sounds like such a fun evening. Thanks for sharing the experience! It's also fun to see pictures of bloggers I've read but never seen. Did you get a new 'do? Will we see it in next week's post?

Modern Musings said...

Amy - I did! I told Les to do whatever he wanted and I didn't care if it was crazy. It was! You'll see it when I review the flat iron.

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

Looks like such a fun event! Wish I could have been there! And I agree with you on beating your hair into submission...that's exactly what I do to my naturally curly mess too!

Glitterista said...

What a fun night out, and everyone's hair does look amazing! ;)

Alana said...

oh my - what a fun night! totally jealous!!

so great meeting you wednesday!

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