OPI GelColor - Strawberry Margarita

Do you ever find yourself doing crazy mindless things while watching tv? I've been known to eat entire bags of chips, popcorn, pints of ice cream, all alone, sitting on the couch. For no reason at all. Which, by the way, is why you'll find none of these things in my house (except the popcorn!).

As I've said before, any type of gel-polish works very well for me. I keep the same color for 2 weeks before getting a new one. Two weeks of nail growth can be pretty long (for me) and I like to keep my nails quite short. I have smallish hands/nail beds and they just never look right longer. The great thing about these manicures is that you can file your nails with the polish on and they still won't chip or peel.

So that's what I did as the Husband and I caught up on Dexter. And as the suspense grew, I filed away. Mindlessly. When I arrived to get my manicure, Sarah looked at me like a disapproving mom. If I was going to have my go at it, it could at least be even. Oh well. I blame Dexter Morgan. Add nail files to the list of things I can't bring into the living room.

My nails are quite short in these pics but the color is still beautiful - and makes me want a cocktail.

OPI GelColor - Strawberry Margarita

OPI GelColor - Strawberry Margarita
{direct sunlight}


Charlene said...

Great color! I need to get a fun spring mani/pedi!

~Molly~ said...

Do you find that GelColor removes as easily as Shellac? I do my own nails using Shellac because I know it's easy on my nails during the removal process and does no harm. I'm wondering if it is the same with GelColor because I KNOW it's NOT with OPI's Axxium (totally ruins my nails)... I am DYING to use Strawberry Margarita, but I don't want to ruin my nails :-(
Thanks in advance!

Modern Musings said...

Hi Molly - OPI GelColor (for me at least) doesn't remove as easily. Once removed, I haven't noticed any additional damage to my nails, but it does take a while to get it off. Shellac and Gelish seem to remove so easy and I'm not sure why the OPI doesn't. I know it's not as bad as axxium, though! Hope this helps.

~Molly~ said...

Thanks for responding! As long as there is no actual damage, a little extra time is probably worth being able to use some of my absolute fave OPI colors!! :-)

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