Smitten With Stella & Dot

This past Tuesday my girlfriend, Julie, held a Stella & Dot party. See, I practically begged her to, as I was on the hunt for a specific necklace (and you can only buy Stella from a stylist). True, you could go online and purchase from one, but what's more fun than getting the girls together and squealing over all the prettiness? Not to mention trying it all on.

If you're not familiar with the name, Stella & Dot, let me assure you, you're familiar with their line - even if you don't realize it. It's all over the hottest celebrities and in the likes of pretty much every fashion mag from Vogue to Harper's to Lucky to People Style Watch. Apparently if you watch The Bachelor, those girls were dripping in it - which might have been their only redeeming quality.

Getting to see it in person was great, since the quality is exquisite and some pieces that looked nice online were gorgeous in real life.

This is the necklace that started it all, The Pegasus.

pegasus necklace

I had budgeted $200 for jewelry that night. This necklace is $198. So it was this or I could get a slew of other goodies. I decided to splurge as I've never seen anything like this before and Brooke (our S&D Stylist) had it in her collection, so I was able to put it on and check out the quality. Each gold feather is hand sewn onto the softest silk organza and looks stunning. Score. This is one of the most expensive pieces in the line, so don't let the price deter you, there are some great deals to be had!

Here is what I still have on my wishlist:

 (If you'd like to order anything shown, just click on the link and add it to your shopping bag. Upon checkout please select 'Wearing Mascara' from the drop down menu when it asks if you were invited to a trunk show. -Thanks!)


1- serenity stone drops $49
2- capri earrings (also avail in coral) $49
3- camilla ring $49
4- on the mark necklace $49
5- pippa stone earrings $49
6- serenity small stone drops (avail in lapis or aqua) $34

1- soiree trio ring  $49
2- talia teardrop earrings $39
3-bardot spiral bangle (avail silver or gold) $49
4- deco drop earrings $44
5- fringe hoops $44 (also in gold $49)
6- signature clover chandelier earrings $49


Get Reese's look with the Serenity Stone Drops $49
Also wishing for:

Limited Edition Fatima Necklace $248

chantilly lace chandelier earring $49
petra braided bracelet $98
garden party chandelier earrings $54

1- stackable gem ring $54
2- alexandria necklace $89
3- soiree trio ring $49
4- bianca tassel necklace $138

sierra necklace $148
bahari necklace $98

all images from stella & dot


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i've always wanted to go to a S&D party, i always think they have the cutest stuff.

also, i approve of your choice - awesome!

Lindsay said...

so your basically the whole catalog? :P
You should probably host the next party with a wishlist that long......

Modern Musings said...

Lindsay - Hey lady, this is me editing! ha
I was hoping it would be a big hint to the husband. Too bad he doesn't read this blog. He says he lives with "smitten" so there's no need to read "smitten". #fail said...

I have a friend who sells Stella and Dot in NC but I've never been to a local party. I've been to a few Premier Design Jewelry parties, though. Do you like Stella and Dot better than the other "jewelry party" lines? Let me know. Maybe I will host one this fall!

Modern Musings said...

I do, and a lot of my friends sell other lines, but I'm just not as into them. The quality is amazing, the price points are great and you never see other lines in all your favorite magazines. Very fashionable. Yet, something for everyone.

Rachael said...

don't worry, my bf doesn't read my blog either (eyeroll). I love S&D stuff, their jewelry is so cute and when I first saw it I had no idea it was a direct sales-type of thing. because the jewels looked just, SO much better. that necklace is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Count me in for the fall party please!

Wearing Mascara said...

LOVE!!!!! Thanks for posting about this :-) Just created a giveaway:


Unknown said...

I have never even heard of S & D up until now. What amazing stuff!

SarahZiegelhofer said...

So adorable! I wish! Love how creative u are with your descriptions and love your comment about your hub not reading your blog ha

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