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I'm that girl that's defined by her hair. It's inevitable if you're a redhead. In a world of blondes and brunettes you stand out. For good or for bad. I never had a choice. Not only was my hair bright flaming red as a child (thankfully it's mellowed in time) but it was curly. And tangly. And my mother, after fighting to brush it one too many times, cut it all off. Leaving me with a q-tip of a haircut at the age when all you want to do is look like everyone else. You know, plain, simple. with straight hair. And seriously any other color.

Any good therapist would tell you that the above story is why my hair will always be long. As if all my power is in my hair. Cut it and I'm defeated. It's not my mother's fault-who wants to fight with their daughter's hair every morning? But years of being either loved or teased for your hair will make you very particular about it.

All this is just setting up my excuses for why I'm hair obsessed. I will only use THE BEST tools on it. This is one of those instances where 'you get what you pay for'. My hair is naturally curly, frizzy and tends to have a mind of its own. So I blow it out. I flat iron it and I curl it. The only way to keep your hair in good condition is to use styling tools with smart technology.  My hair is incredibly healthy, moisturized and strong and this is why: ONE Styling.

I've used these tools for quite awhile now (some I received as just prototypes before they were on the market) so when ONE Styling came to me and wanted to do a blogger event I was thrilled.

If you like anything you see you can get 35% off, free shipping and a free heat mat at ONEStyling.com with the promo code SMITTEN35

Here's what I use and why:

Epic Pro Dryer
This hair dryer will change your life. It retails at $240($156 w/ promo code) but it is a salon professional product. It's meant to be used and abused and will withstand anything you put it though. It's incredibly tough but super gentle on hair. It will aslo cut your drying time by half. Really.

Favorite Features:
Ionic Intel System: Switch back and forth with the touch of a button between positive and negative ions. Got thin, flat hair? Use positive ions to boost volume. Need to reduce frizz? Use negative ions for a sleek, smooth finish.
Ceramic Spheres purify the outgoing airflow, removing carbon dioxide while activations water molecules to replenish moisture to the hair and minimize damage.

If you flat iron your hair you need to be using a quality product. You might be able to skimp on some other tools but you cannot skimp on this. I've used many expensive irons in the past (CHI, GHD, Babyliss, FHI etc...) and there are two I recommend from One Styling. It really depends what you'll be using it for.

Epic Flat Iron
This is my daily go-to iron. It comes in 2 sizes (medium 1 1/4" or slim 7/8") and retails for $240 ($156 w/ promo code).

Favorite Features:
Digital temp control up to 450F (heats up in under 60 seconds)
Energy Smart Technology: automatically decreases temp to conserve energy while idle and instantly returns to preset temp once you pick it up.
Black Nano Titanium Plates: create an ultra smooth surface which can also be used for Keratin Straightening
Tourmaline Technology: maximizes negative ionic output which locks in moisture and eliminates static and frizz (my favorite feature)
Gentle far infrared heat: penetrates hair follicle to minimize heat damage
Auto shut off kicks in after 40 mins of non-use
World Volt Technology: OMG! Where has this been my whole life? Automatic F to C conversion.

Legacy Flat Iron
This is my other favorite and it would be hard to pick just one. The reason I like this one is it's the same model type as what you're probably using now. There is a temp dial and standard 1" size makes it perfect for flat ironing and using your flat iron to curl or wave your hair. (I still have a bit of trouble waving my hair with the epic iron primarily because I have the 1 1/4" size).

Favorite Features:
Retails for $180 ($117 w/ promo code)
Crushed diamond-infused plates create a smooth glide
The same Tourmaline Technology as listed above
Nano Triplex Technology helps condition hair and eliminate toxins
Floating beveled plates

These are all professional salon tools so they are all extremely sturdy and meant to withstand just about anything. They all have extra long cords and the flat iron cords swivel.

"Like" ONE Styling on Facebook and be automatically entered to win a styling tool! They give one away every Friday

::Disclosure:: I was provided these tools c/o ONE Styling and practically begged them to let me know when they were available to the public so I could blog about them. As always, my opionions are 100% my own.


Mom said...

When I was in high school, long straight hair was the goal for every girl there. I remember sleeping with orange juice cans as "rollers" to try and get rid of the curl. Glad we now have products to use for beautiful hair like yours! Wish I still had my red hair! The stuff out of a bottle will never compare....

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

I.love.this.intro. The first paragraph is for Hans and the second is for me. Your hair is quite fabulous. The work and care you put into it shows.

Sara said...

I had the same exact curly hair issues as a kid! My mom had NO IDEA how to manage it. Love the post :)

Allison M. said...

just started using the epic flat iron, it's very lightweight, one of the first things I noticed.

Best Flat Iron For Hair said...

That is the different way of introduce to product.Your hair style is pretty good.Nice blog.

Rachel Jacobs said...

I tried to use your promo code and it said that it was invalid! :(

Deana B. Torrez said...

Just started using the pleated leather shorts , it's very lightweight, Ladies are love to wear.

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