Recapping The Weekend - Bonbon, Dante, VTR & Yoga

Happy Monday dolls! How was your weekend? It was a bit chilly Saturday and thankfully Sunday warmed up a bit, but I had a lovely birthday weekend. Any weekend spending time in the city you love with the people you love makes for a fantastic time.

My Saturday started out with a birthday picture text & call from this little bean (and his super sweet mommy and daddy!)

my nephew, baby Penton 

I can't get over his baby pics. They are unbelievable. If you are having a baby (or know someone who is) please take a look at Aubrey Adair Photography's site or check her out on facebook. Her maternity and newborn work simply blows me away. Leah (baby Penton's mom) received a photo session as a baby shower gift and it was the most thoughtful gift idea. The pregnancy photos were beyond gorgeous.

top: my fave breakfast (the herbed omelet) at Bonbon 
bottom left: wine tasting at Wine & Design (it was Saturday, after all)
bottom right: one of my favorite gifts of the day

top left: Oliver, Jaclyn, Me and the Husband
bottom right: All the VTR menus have a different girl on the cover. This was mine.

Jaclyn and Oliver joined us for a 3+ hour dinner in the vault at Dante. Oh, how I love a long, leisurely dinner. So much so that we were running out the door to make our reservation for the backroom at Velvet Tango Room. As many Clevelander's, VTR is a special and fun spot for us and it doesn't hurt it's in the neighborhood. We had walked through the backroom before but never actually had drinks back there so it was a treat.

Round one: Sidecars, Old Fashioned and The Aviation
Round two: French 75, Eggnog, Tom Collins and Manhattan

We laughed, danced and talked endlessly about Boardwalk Empire and prohibition (how could you not in a speakeasy) and had a rather splendid evening.

There are endless reviews about the wonderfulness and concept of VTR, from the handmade mixers, handcrafted cocktails, even that ice. But what I find so fun is the menu (actually the Cocktail Manifesto) reads like a book. Every drink has the history and date of when it was invented and who would drink it. Makes for great drinking conversation.

The Husband & I and his super sweet facebook post. Love you madly, babe.

Sunday I headed toNorth Olmsted to check out Nishkama Yoga's new studio. I took the Yoga Basics class with Alicia (yogi extraordinaire), her mom, and PIP Aunt Kathy. If you are looking for a new studio I highly recommend Nishkama. I came in with no idea what I was getting into and they were kind and encouraging, all while pushing me to my best. They have classes of all levels and a new student discount of $65 a month unlimited for your first month and classes can be taken at Independence or North Olmsted.

I also got to break out my new Lululemon mat and strap. Too cute, huh? No turning back for me. I may not be good, or  graceful but I'm officially a yoga lover.


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend fit for the bestest of birthday girls! Only wish I could have been there to give you a squeeze and toast you in person. xoxo

Kristian said...

Oh I'm learning some new cocktails to try here (I need to get to VTR).
Old Fashioned and Manhattan seemed to be my type of (bitter) tea. Actually, a Rob Roy and Vodka Gimlet also sound tasty.

OK...I really need to go!

Birthday looks wonderful!

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

The first picture in this post is fab! You look sublimely happy! I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday.

And I love that you love yoga. Sorry I missed you...we were at the class right before yoga basics!

Allison M. said...

happy late birthday! Looks like a fabulous time and I love the french 75 from VTR.

Modern Musings said...

Thanks Allison, and Crystal you can squeese me all you want tomorrow.
@Kristian, just ring if you're ever stopping by VTR, I'm ALWAYS up to go :)
@Jen- Alicia said we just missed you. I'm still working on some of the basic poses but need to chat w/ you about some of the other classes.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

What a birthday weekend you had! I still need to go to VTR...

Thanks for the yoga love - I'm so happy you got to meet my mom and Aunt Kathy!

Lindsay said...

ahhhhh the PEGASUS makes a debut! :)

Jill (Lady Lazarus) said...

I'm very happy with my yoga studio downtown, but since this one is right by work I might have to check out one of their classes!

Wearing Mascara said...

YAYYY Glad you had a good bday - what was in the TB box??

nicole said...

just found your blog, you are adorable! i live in n. olmsted :)

Modern Musings said...

Hi Nicole! You're too sweet. Thanks for reading. North Olmsted is a great place to be. That's where my {amazing} manicurist and my new yoga studio is.

Jaclynlala said...

It certainly was a fun night and we were so happy to be a part of it!

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