Cleveland Magazine's Silver Spoon Awards - Recap

It's Friday and I'm still full.
Yep, still full from Wednesday's Silver Spoon Awards Party. I'm not sure how it happened. I had a plan. (It is bikini season and there's this dress I'm trying to fit back into for a certain someone's wedding next week.) A plan that went out the window when I arrived (starving) at the Marriott and saw all the food. And all the wine. My self control went out the window.

top: Jody and Nadine found me first.
bottom: Pants on Fire playing in the lobby.

We arrived right before 7. I immediately began to head to the VIP section to say hello to Team PIP (Alicia, PIP Aunt Kathy and Alicia's Mom). I thought I'd get to that first because once I started in on the feast, I might never be seen again. That's seriously how much food there is. Along the way I saw Nadine & JPC, Jody, Alexa, Alana, Kristian and his beautiful wife. Usually I love catching up, but there were so many distractions, I could barely focus. Every where you turned there was incredible food. I went manic. The husband thought I'd lost my mind. I didn't know where to start. I had a plan, where did it go?

Watershed Gin and Vodka are faves in the Smitten house.
Bubbles in the VIP room & catching up with Team PIP.

First we checked out the VIP section which had a lovely bar, champagne and cocktails from Watershed Distillery (love them!).  Select nibbles were available from Noodlecat, Lolita, Great Lakes and more.

From there we headed out to the grand ballroom and just started meandering. Everything was so well organized, it was hard to believe with the amount of people there that there weren't lines for any of the food or wine. Except for the occasional bump, everything went smooth and orderly. I clearly need to work on my 'eating while walking and carrying a glass of wine' bit. Over 30 restaurants participated as well as 8 wineries.

We Tried:
Blue Canyon - sushi snow cones
Blue Point Grille - point oysters
Bubba's Q - ribs and pulled pork
Chinato - confit of pork w/ spring vegetables
Dante - pepper crusted duck w/ roasted plums
Flipside - pulled pork over mac & cheese
Jammy Buggars - prosciutto wrapped, goat cheese stuffed, mushrooms
L'Albatros - seafood cioppino
Lolita - I ate it, but have no idea what it was!
Lucky's Cafe - strawberry trifle
Mallorca - shrimp in garlic
Noodlecat - veggie steam bun
Pacific East Coventry - sushi
Paladar - chicken soft tacos with cilantro and coconut sauce
Pier W - lavender marinated scallops w/ quinoa
Ty Fun - chicken pad thai

Only 16 out of 31. We're going to have to up that percentage for next year.

My Hands-Down Favorites: 
Pier W, Paladar and Dante

Faves! 2009 Bordeaux Superior, tacos from Paladar,
Pier W scallops, duck from Dante

The guys at Pier W and Paladar didn't even give me the wonky eye after my third trip back. Blue Canyon's sushi snow cones were super cool and tasty and the husband really enjoyed the oysters from Blue Point. 

Noms from Jammy Buggars,
L'Albatros and Flipside

There were (a ton of) really great items to bid for at the silent auction and I had my mind set on bidding on the New Orleans jazz trip and Napa Wine Weekend. Unfortunately the starting bids were $3500 and $5000 respectively and the husband told me I was on my own with that. Next year, more wine for him!

This was such a wonderful event and the Marriott staff were beyond gracious.  Next year I will arrive earlier and maybe not so hungry as I got a bit flustered when I walked in because I was starving and didn't know where to start. Everything looked so good, I didn't want to miss a thing. That being said I ate and ate and I'm still full. 

Full and happy at the end of the night!

This is a great event that benefits The Arthritis Foundation and I highly recommend it. I'll be there next year for sure. 

::Disclosure - I received 2 tickets to this event courtesy of The Arthritis Foundation and 2 as a giveaway on this blog. My opinions are my own, as always::


Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

Sorry I was a crazy hot mess Wednesday night: my brain was as scattered as yours! So happy to see you and the husband. Can you send me the pic of you with Team PIP? Thanks lady :)

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

So much fun! The food looks amazing! And no worries - the yoga will burn off all the calories.

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