Gossip Girl Birchbox - May 2012

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I adore themed Birchboxes! I like the regular ones, too, but I get so excited when I see they've teamed up with someone fabulous and built a box around them. So far I've enjoyed the work they've done with Teen Vogue, Cynthia Rowley and now the CW show Gossip Girl. They send out earth month, holiday and valentine boxes too. This month's box came in black with their signature hot pink lettering. Inside was the usual box with a Gossip Girl sleeve.  Let's peek...

Gossip Girl Birchbox 

Kerastase - Age Premium Bain Substantif
Kerastase - Age Premium Masque Substantif
Dior - Diorshow Extase mascara
Algenist - Firming & Lifting Cream
Miss Dior - Eau de Parfum

My thoughts:
I love myself some Kerastase. This is one on the list to try since they use UV filters and hyaluronic acid to strengthen hair and add shine. I'm dying to try their new line for long hair so I hope BB keeps up the Kerastase love.

I'm not overly crazy about perfume samples, but at least it's Miss Dior. I'm happy to have a travel sized Dior Show. Although not my fave mascara. (Chanel!) It's great to have a high end one while traveling.

I also was quite happy with the Algenist, as I will always be on the lookout for the fountain of youth and this is one killer line. The notecard is super cute and I can't wait to use it. I will most likely be purchasing a set of these.

Side note:
I thought BB did a great job keeping the high-society theme throughout the box. The one thing I did note was that half of my items were age-related. I am 36. I realize I'm about 10 years older than a lot of my friends and I'll pretty much do whatever I need to (other than surgery*) to keep this face from falling and my hair thick and shiny. So BB did a great job w/ my beauty profile even if it gave me a start to see "age" written on three products.

*I'm not opposed to surgery. In fact, I've begged my husband for Botox but he is really against doing anything to your face. He thinks I should age gracefully. Perhaps when he sees my face fall to the ground he'll change his mind...

What did you get in your Birchbox? Did you love it or not?


Mom said...

It was funny when you mentioned age related products. Usually my box comes with green nail polish and I get very few age related products. Maybe I need to change my profile to match yours!

Bite Buff said...

The only one of those items that I got was the note card, boo! I liked a couple of this month's items, but your box looks better.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I got the exact same things but I love it! #oldladies

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I got the exact same things but I love it! Especially the Kerastase and Algenist. Wish there was more eye shadow, bronzer, blush - fun stuff like that but I still love the box. #oldladies

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Sorry for the weird double comment but with only 1/2 the stuff in the first one!

N Sizzle said...

omg Gossip Girl is the best. I think everything should be themed Gossip Girl. Especially our lives.

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