It's (un)Officially Summer

I am filled with gratitude and happiness from the last 4 or 5 days. Nothing like a long beautiful weekend to usher in summer. Hello there, we've missed you!

Yes, I'm usually a winter girl, but since we didn't really have one of those this year, I've been biding my time waiting for sundresses and sandal season.

Friday was spent on my favorite patio. Dodging raindrops. The third misting turned into a full on downpour and I was very happy that said patio has an outdoor covered bar. After dinner, we headed down the street to catch up with some friends and it was the perfect end to the week.

Saturday was filled with 90 mins of hot, sweaty Vinyasa with Alicia & Jen. I firmly believe the only reason we didn't pass out promptly afterward was because Momma G had margaritas and a full on spread waiting for us.

2 of these 3 pics were stolen from Jen. Too bad you don't win a prize for guessing which 2.

We actually celebrated Mad Men Monday on Sunday this week (shhhh....don't tell!)

Standing in your yard, drinking can be classy with the right cocktail.
At least that's what I tell myself.

The holiday finally rolled around and Monday was spent with family.

Rule No 1: Marry into a kick-*ss family like I did. With an awesome pool. And guest house.
This is my future sis-in-law, Leah (aka Baby Penton's mom). She's amazing. 
Did I mention she's an Olympic-worthy swimmer? She trains people for triathlons. For real.

Which is why the boys spend the afternoon doing 'Morris Brothers Time Trials' and working on their stroke.
Even the dogs get in on it. I only involve myself in the competitive sport of margarita drinking.

And I got to squeeze my nephew (Baby Penton). Who likes himself a swaddle...

but is a baby Houdini at getting out of them.

This was a loooong holiday weekend. Happy Summer to you! I can't wait to see what Fourth of July brings.


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

How cute are those pups in the pool? Also, I totally see my hand behind the margarita class, eating away at the Devil's Cookies. Cheers to summer!

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

What a great weekend! I love that pool! But I'm with you, I would be drinking the margaritas and leaving the splashing to the boys!

Unknown said...

We must have just missed you at Luxe on Friday. Cheers to summer and patio drinking!

Modern Musings said...

It was getting crazy busy as we were leaving. Would've been great to see you!

Modern Musings said...

Between margaritas and those darn Devil's cookies, I couldn't eat the rest of the day!

Rachael said...

Luxe is my absolute favorite patio! I'm going tonight actually. I can already taste those mojitos...oh, and that is a totally kickass pool.

Alana said...

i love the doggies swimming!! sounds like a great weekend.

Unknown said...

I think it was around 8:30 when we got there, like right after the downpour. Waited maybe a half hour or complaints since there were drinks involved and a yummy duck pizza later :)

wearingmascara said...

Yayyy summer!!!! I wanna go swimming.

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