Giving My Nails A Break From Shellac

I've pretty much had some type of gel polish on my nails for about a year now. I switch between Shellac, Gelish and GelColor by OPI. I keep it on for 2 weeks at a time then have it redone.

I always hear that you should 'give your nails a break' from things like this. This is kind of a strange concept for me. It's not as if I'm wearing artificial nails. I was always the girl that went from polish to polish and never 'gave my nails a break' in between colors. In fact,  I can count the times I've left the house in the last 15 years without polish - on one hand.

That being said, I decided to remove my shellac and go a few weeks painting the old-fashioned way.
Underneath, my nails were great. Strong and healthy and the same as they always were (with less peeling). I haven't painted my own nails in forever. This is kind of fun! I picked Lo by Zoya and 30 mins later I was done and happy. But you kind of get used to having indestructible nails. My new mani was not indestructible and I needed to keep reminding myself to:

1. Wear gloves for scrubbing
2. Stop picking labels off things
3. Be gentle with the hair washing

Zoya Lo (direct sunlight)

Zoya Lo (indirect sunlight)

Two days later my first micro chip had me irritated. I'll be going back to shellac. Soon. But right now I'm really enjoying painting my own nails again.

Maybe in the future I'll have one of those gel mani kits for the house. There are more brands available now. I was waiting for Sephora by OPI to come out with their version since they always have such a great selection of color. Has anyone tried these?

Sephora by OPI - GelShine $159

Mally 24/7 Gel Polish System $165

Sensationail by Nailene $59.99

Red Carpet Manicure - Starter Kit $59.99 (Pro Kit also avail $79.99)

I do adore my manicurist, so I'm not sure if I'm willing to give her up for the DIY route!


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I rarely have polish on my finger nails unless it's a special event because of the chips and smudges - drives me crazy! Normally I paint them and take it off in a day or two. That's why I adore the shellac! I'm really looking forward to trying the new at home kits b/c I don't have the $ or time to go every 2 weeks. Have you ever tried the nail strips? I haven't - they seem too good to be true to me.

~Molly~ said...

I do my own nails at home using OPI Gelcolor,which I buy from Amazon! I use the CND lamp, which I also bought on Amazon. I started with Shellac, but Gelcolor removes even better/easier than Shellac, which is pretty great too! I didn't know that Sephora had a line too! It has to be good since it is OPI! I wouldn't trust Sensationail, but that's just me... too afraid to try it... I would definitely give Red Carpet Manicure a shot since it is made by the makers of Gelish, which I know you trust and love.

Modern Musings said...

I haven't. I have a few but always had shellac on. I'll need to give them a try asap.

Modern Musings said...

Thanks for the great info!! Good to know. I didn't even think of going that route (on Amazon)!

~Molly~ said...

Also, just fyi, I use the CND lamp, which is UV so the curing time with Gelcolor is longer than it would be with a UV lamp, but still worth it! I may consider purchasing one of those mini-led lamps like the ones in your pictures since I can't afford the $300 Nail Harmony (gelish) one or the $400 OPI one lol

~Molly~ said...

Oh and mini-gelish polishes are sold at Sally Beauty Supply... (or on trusty old Amazon)

JAMinCLE said...

How do you feel about doing shellac on your toes? I've heard that it lasts much longer and you don't have to face the same issues of dinging and chipping with shellac on your fingernails. Have you tried that? I'm thinking about getting my toes wet.. :)

Modern Musings said...

I'd do it on my toes if my regular polish didn't last so long. I typically have pretty good luck w/ polish lasting forever on my feet. You should do it! It would also keep them really glossy. Let me know how it goes...

Anonymous said...

I had the shellac done before. I was fairly happy with the life of the wear of it. It lasted me a week or so. I expected it to last 2 weeks at least.
I've been using the Sephora gelshine, the at home kit for about 3 months straight and I love it! It last longer than 2 weeks for me and I'm very hard on my nails. I also get creative with the no chip gel nails by using the nail strips on a few nails and seal it with the gel top coat and cure. By the way the I love love love the nail strips. They last a good week on your nail.
I just bought the red carpet gel nails with LED cure light and I haven't tried it yet because I feel after 3 months of having the gelshine on my nails they need to breath a bit so I'll wait 2 weeks or so and try the red carpet gel nails. Overall, I love the gel no chip nails. The shine last forever, it keeps your nails hard and if you want your nails to grow this can help. The downfall is on this depends on the person doing the gel nails to themselves. You have to follow the directions on the removal of the gel nails. If you try any short cuts or peel the gel nail off your nail you can really do some major damage to your nail.

Unknown said...

I've tried's good for beginning and got me hooked but the lamp is cramped and weak 7 or 8w causing bubbles. Now I use an 18w LED with gels or shellac (works fine w/uv I swear) My new obsession is shellac base and top cured and cleaned then I use regular polish and top coat and occasionally sally hansen nail art pens for design this gives me the strength of the shellac but the option to change colors more frequently. The shellac coat doesn't come of with regular acetone free remover so I just paint over it with my next color choice.