Grilled Fish

If you are a regular reader of this blog you probably know that I'm not a girl who relies on a recipe. It's great to have one and I always get tons of inspiration from them. But follow them? Well, it depends on the day. I will always try to post the recipe (or recipe inspiration) I've used and if there isn't one I will ramble on about a bit of this and handful of that. I blame my father. But that's a discussion for another time.

One of my favorite summer dishes is grilled fish. We headed to Kate's Fish to pick up walleye. They only had one piece left so we also picked up cod. Or was it hake? Maybe haddock. I can't remember, but it was one of those fish that would take on the flavor of whatever you were seasoning it with. The husband likes more of a simple seasoning than I do, so he took the walleye and I took the other. We then decided to see who could best season and prepare their own and had a fish cook-off.

HIS - sea salt, Penzey's Lamb Seasoning, fresh herbs and lemon slices

HERS - chopped herbs (whatever is on hand - I used cilantro, parsley, scapes, oregano, thyme, sage) mixed w/ olive oil, 1 tablespoon panko and lemon juice and grated rind

The grill basket is the easy way out when grilling fish. Grill for roughly 5 mins a side.



It was a TIE. Each of us seasoned our fish perfectly for the type we had. The walleye has such great flavor on its own that it doesn't need much. My fish would take on whatever flavor it was given and came out moist on the inside with a subtle crunch on top.

I paired this with bacon/shallot brussels sprouts and dijon potatoes w/ arugula. Both recipes can be found here. I used baby yukons this time in place of red potatoes.

What's your favorite way to grill fish?


Mom said...

Thank you for including recipes when possible. As you know, if I don't have a complete recipe...we might as well throw the meal out!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

That all looks fantastic! Cooking fish in general is dicey for me and when I grill, it tends to be a heartier fish like swordfish. But we'll have to give this a try.
PS - Love Kate's Fish.

Modern Musings said...

Same for me. Now with the grill basket it all seems to stay together - even the more delicate fish.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I hardly ever cook with a recipe. I feel like they are a suggestion of sorts : )

I've always been terrified to cook fish b/c I've thrown a lot of perfectly good ones away after I ruined them. Miles Market has tortilla crusted tilapia that is perfect practice - tasty and turns out perfect every time. Now I've been branching out on my own and think I finally have it figured out! I'll have to try your chopped herbs and panko - sounds really yummy.

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