Visiting The Greater Cleveland Aquarium

A few Saturdays ago I was invited to a 'blogger breakfast' at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. I was excited to attend since I was waiting for the crowds to die down a bit before attending and then, well, I kind of forgot.
The aquarium is housed in the historic First Energy
Powerhouse building.

In the invite email it was stated that there would be families (and more specifically children) at this event. This was the cutest warning anyone's put in an email to me in a long time and it was quite lovely to get a personalized email (that made me laugh) rather than standard copy. I wanted to respond that I eat children for breakfast so it was a good thing they were serving food, but that could've gone really wrong! In fact, meeting the families and watching the kids interact with the staff and fish was one of my favorite parts of the day.

I got to see Kate and her family - who are even more adorable in person than on instagram. Is that possible? I also got to get a peek at Karen's newest bundle of joy and I still can't get over how amazing she looks after just having that baby. She's got the secret, girls. I'm telling you.

Ok, ok back to the real reason we're here. THE FISH.

These fish were shy...

unlike the flirty stingrays.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium (GCA) is not your typical aquarium. It's the only freestanding aquarium in Ohio. It's located inside the First Energy Powerhouse in the Nautica Complex in the Flats.  Marinescape (the company that brought the aquarium to CLE) has built 23 aquariums around the world in the last 26 years. This is their first in the U.S.

They did a wonderful job using the existing space.

If you're looking for your typical aquarium experience, this is a bit different. It's more of an urban aquarium to me. Housed in an historic building it gives the feeling of being 'under the sea' than open and airy. And this is part of it's charm. The staff is kind, helpful and excited. Every time I lingered at a tank someone was there to show me what I might not know to look for. Their enthusiasm was fantastic.

One of the highlights is the Touch Tank where you can pet the stingrays.

Nadine & JPC getting their pet on.

Also not to be missed is the shark tank and Sea Tube.

This is kind of like Fremont Street in Vegas - but with fish. Nadine and I laughed how this could be quite the experience after a few cocktails...

I think Mr. Scuba Man wanted Nadine's bun.
It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. I had a great time checking out our newest attraction with two of my favorite couples! (JPC & Nadine and Amanda & Scott)

They also have some really great events coming up!

Red, White & Brew - 7/4 $27.95 {adults} $11.95 {children}
Visit the aquarium from 6-8pm and then head outside for an evening of entertainment and VIP seating for the fireworks show. 

Bazaar at the Aquarium - 7/19 - $8 adv / $10 at the door
Shop local while browsing the Aquarium. 7-11pm -  - cash bar available

And they have partnered up with Nishkama Yoga to hold yoga classes every Tuesday & Saturday morning in front of the shark tank.

::Disclosure - Breakfast and admission to the GCA was provided to me at no charge. I also received 4 GCA tickets to either give away on this blog or use as I see fit. I donated them to a local family who, under normal circumstances, would not have been able to go. All opinions are my own, as always::


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Fun! I've been wanting to go but haven't gotten around to it yet either. I would have loved to see the reaction to your children for breakfast comment - ha ha!

wearingmascara said...

Seriously, how cute is Nadine? The sharks and fish and everything is cute too. I can't wait to take my niece and nephew there. Thanks for the review! Glad you had fun :-)

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I had the same reaction to the Aquarium...different than I'm used to, but really cool and very urban.

Unknown said...

Still have yet to make it to the aquarium although the Red White and Brew event sounds like a great excuse! Fish, fireworks, and beer :)

Sarah @ Cooker Girl said...

I think we might go to the Red White and Brew event! Sounds really cool and only a few bucks more than regular admission! We always go home for the 4th (it's a big deal in the tiny town where I grew up). Since it's on a Wednesday this year we're going to be staying in NEO.

The Suburban Style Life said...

You are too sweet! It was so great to see you, what a fun day, wasn't it? Hope to run into you again soon!

Christina said...

I can't wait to go. So glad the Cleve has its own aquarium.

Dina's Days said...

I haven't been there yet but the bazzaar sounds like my kind of thing.

balers said...

Round or bubble tanks are even worse in this respect because the maximum amount of surface area is available only when the tank is half full.

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