2 for $40 Tuesdays At Hodge's

Chris Hodgson's  namesake restaurant has quickly become one of my favorite  downtown go-to spots. Hanging out with the girls? Hodge's. A bit of East 4th shopping? Hodge's. Taking in a game? Hodge's. Great location paired with seriously good food (and drink) with a wicked patio makes for a surefire hit in my book. 

They almost immediately began their 2 for $40 Tuesdays but I never seemed to make it there on said day. So 2 weeks ago I put it on the calendar, which is apparently the only way to get things done these days. The husband and I headed out to see if, in fact, you could really get 1 appetizer, 2 entrees and a bottle of wine for $40. 

We arrived and were presented with a prix fixe menu along with the regular menus. Shockingly about half the appetizers and entrees were available to choose from.

We asked for a bottle of red wine and were given 2 choices. We went with the Cabernet. I was still shocked that we were getting a bottle of anything since most of the entrees available were $20 apiece.

Bottle of Cab and the tater tot amuse bouche. 
We went with the Mackenzie Creamery goat cheese + leek tart for our appetizer since it's perfect for sharing. 

For dinner, I was sure the Husband was going for the Hangar Steak but he switched it up and we both ended up ordering the French Onion ravioli. 

The entire meal was delicious and so insanely priced that I still can't get over it. So be sure to mark your calendars for a Tuesday night Hodge's date. You won't be disappointed. I hear they have a new menu, so some of the above-mentioned items may not be available.

Please remember to tip your server appropriately. They do the same work whether you order on a Tuesday or a Thursday or whether it's happy hour or not. Tipping on the full (before discounted) price is encouraged and appreciated.


Amanda @ Clue Into CLE said...

Thank you for that reminder about tipping - it's so important to appreciate excellent service!

kakaty said...

I love Hodge's. That patio is amazing, and that goat cheese + leek tart - I dream about it! I was there during one of the 90* days before an Indians game and the patio was totally livable with a nice breeze. I kind of wish my bootcamp class wasn't on Tuesday nights...what a deal for $40! Maybe I'll have to skip a night.

Katie O. said...

I forwarded this to my other half! The cheese tart is one of my favorite items on the menu, hard to choose though.

So lovely to see you on Wednesday- looking classy and glamorous as ever. See you soon!

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I can't wait to take advantage of this deal. I've had the French onion ravioli and it is insanely good.

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