Birchbox Favorites & A Holy Grail Serum

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22 Birchboxes in, (actually 21 since my July box is still on the lam) and I can definitely say this is a service I stand behind. I know from tweets and FB posts that since the boxes sent out are varied, not everyone has had the same luck. So I wanted to post my most valuable Birchbox products. The ones that, thanks to BB, I finally got around to trying and absolutely fell in love with. These are items that I have purchased at least twice since sampling and don't want to live without. Oh, and one that has achieved Holy Grail, can't-live-without-it status.

1. Jouer Lip Enhancer $14 - This has replaced both my Kiehl's and Laura Mercier lip balms. Not even the faint rose scent (I hate the scent of rose in beauty products) could deter me - it's that good. Keeps lips hydrated with the most subtle gloss for hours and hours.

2. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint $38 - I have this in golden and even though I've tried out a bunch of TMs I keep coming back to this. Lightweight, buildable coverage that's oil-free with SPF 20. I might not be able to go back to foundation ever. Gives a slight glow without looking or feeling greasy.

3. Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal $36 - For years I was hooked on MAC & Stila concealers and never thought to try anything new. I'm not sure about the "treat" portion but the concealing is ridiculously good. The light, mousse-like consistency of this makes it super blendable and requires only the smallest amount of product. Stays put and lasts all day. Even in the heat and humidity.

4. Zhena's Gypsy Tea - Coconut Chai Black Tea $6.99 - I don't drink tea. Unless I'm sick and practically dying. I'm a coffee girl. There has never been a tea that didn't irritate me. Until this. It's like the coffee version of tea. Airplane coffee is so bad that this became a godsend on my long days of flying when I wanted coffee but knew better.

5. NARS Orgasm Illuminator $29 - The exact shade of the original cult-obsessed blush in a liquid. It's one of those products you put on and think "Meh" but then everyone will stop and ask you what you did different that day. You just have a glow. Not shimmery and barely detectable, just enough to make you look radiant.

6. Shaveworks - The Cool Fix $11-$25 - A cooling gel-lotion that will almost instantly heal any razor burn, bumps or nicks. As a girl who must shave every single day this a good thing to have on hand. After years of using Tend Skin, which can sting and irritate skin, this was a welcome and soothing change. A little goes a long way.

7. NARS The Multiple in South Beach $38 This is one of the first products I received from Birchbox. This will give you the most unbelievable lit-from-within look. I apply mine with a kabuki to forehead/temples and cheeks. I use this every day, every season, but it's especially perfect mid-winter to give a hint of color without resorting to bronzer. 

Hello Holy Grail

All bow to the Sunday Riley. 
Sunday Riley's Juno Transformative Serum $125 - has made it's way to HG status. For the past 10 years I've used an anti-aging serum followed by moisturizer at night. This has replaced both of those products. A dry-oil serum that seriously delivers on it's promises. Wrinkles? Hyperpigmentation? Skin that breaks out and is dry at the same time? No problem. A blend of amino acids, natural oils and vitamins deliver antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, calming benefits. This will seriously transform your skin. Due to the price tag, I begged everyone I knew for their sample (thanks, Kristen!) before purchasing. This is hands down worth the $125 price tag. You'll spend twice that on a pair of boots, but you've only got one face. I save up my Birchbox points and use them exclusively on this.

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Amy said...

Hooray that you found your HG serum! I was sad when I read the ingredients and discovered #2 is Argan oil: one of my 5 million allergies. I guess I'm still on the search for my HG serum for sensitive skin.

Anonymous said...

Ok, obviously I need to a) try birchbox and b) check out that lip balm... replace Laura Mercier??? Its got to be good!

Allison M. said...

I received a really good hair oil about two months ago and should probably scoop that up.

I'm all for paying lots of $$$$ for the products but I don't have anything quite that expensive. However, I've thought about La Mer a million times....

Modern Musings said...

I used to love La Mer. One day it just didn't work w/ my skin anymore. I think my skin had changed because I don't recall it being reformulated. They keep coming out with new products too.

Rachael said...

I've been wanting to try both of those NARS illuminators for a while - I think I might need to nab one now!

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