Bikes, Baubles & Breakdancing

That title pretty much sums up the end of August for me.

As much as I'm ready for fall, I still can't get over just how fast this summer flew by. Maybe it was the insane heat and I just blocked it out. The end of summer meant putting my new bicycle to some serious use, getting in on some pre-fall charity events and spending quality time with amazing friends.

I got a bike! It was a hard decision between a cruiser and a city bike. Ultimately I went with the city bike, thinking its thinner tires and lighter frame would work better in an urban environment. I'm not trying to be sporty or particularly environmentally friendly. I just got tired of driving (and driving and driving) around my neighborhood looking for parking. Now I'm in and out and it's a breeze. And super fun.

Meet the Windsor Oxford. Isn't she darling? I did manage to get a super cute and functional basket (that will hold 2 bottles of wine) from Joy Machines.

Windsor Oxford deluxe

Showing of my new ride...

meeting friends at the Mango...

and crossing the Detroit-Superior bridge. (Let me tell you, 
it's much easier getting downtown than it is coming back-whew!)

My girlfriend Julie became a Stella & Dot stylist so of course I threw a S&D open house at Wine & Design with a bubbly tasting. Any excuse to shop and drink, right? I am pretty much obsessed with S&D so it was a no brainer to get the girls together.

I may have tried all these on at one point.


The trunk show is still going strong online and you can check it out here. They are also having a Labor Day sale with an extra 20% off sale items through September 3rd.

The Grand Master giving us a hip hop history lesson

Last but not least was a fantastic evening spent at House of Blues celebrating Ten Years of RHAPSODY w/ Progressive Arts Alliance, the members of Project 5 and Grandmaster Flash. Mix cocktails with hip hop, breakdancing, a few local councilmen, and Grandmaster Flash? Wicked fun. Fun like you had in college. (If you went to an urban college in the mid '90s - just sayin') I also got to see Alicia & Hans which is always a bonus.

You could test your skill at the art of scratching.

Some of the kids from PAA's Hip Hop Summer Camp

What have you been up to this August? Barbecues? Beach time? 

::Disclosure-I was provided 2 tickets to 10 Years of Rhapsody c/o PAA::


Dina's Days said...

You have the cutest life ever. Your bike is MUCH nicer than mine but I love riding it to meet friends in my new neighborhood too. I'm gonna miss summer

OBM.cle said...

I've been biking for about 10 years now and just bought a new bike this summer too!!! It is such a great way to exercise, run your errands/meet for drinks & dinner in your neighborhood & simply get around the city. I've been on the hunt for the perfect basket all summer and have yet to find what I'm looking for.

Happy Riding!

Glitterista said...

What a cute bike! I am torn between a cruiser and city bike as well, but if I can find a city bike like yours, I may be sold! ;)

Cassidy Short said...

LOVE this post, and your BLOG! That bike is fabulous. I read about your blog on the Pumpkin Spot, I am a Columbus-based blogger {originally from CLE!} and I love checking out other Ohio blogs. Consider me an official follower of your blog! :)


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